Handguns spend most of the time on the waist, and therefore, they are sometimes known as belt guns. The guns are kept securely inside the holster attached to the belt. Initially, leather was the only material used to make holsters, and people created custom leather holsters to keep their guns. Leather is naturally strong, durable, and soft, making it the perfect material for making holsters. Custom leather holsters paved the way for today's modern holsters.

In recent decades, materials like Kydex and Polymer have also made their appearance in holster making, and the manufacturing of these holsters takes place at the factory. But production of custom leather holsters and leather holsters is still happening but at a higher price. So, how do these leather holsters differ from factory-made holsters?

Custom-made holster or factory-made holster?

Factory-made leather holsters or other holsters are cheaper in comparison to their customized versions. Many holster firms guarantee good quality holsters at a reasonable price and a good design. These firms believe that their holsters are at par with the custom made and provided to their customers in a short time frame.

Custom-made leather holsters take a lot of time for the final product as you give directions according to your need and the craftsman uses their skill to deliver you the finest holster. The factory holster-making firms offer great designs at a relatively lower price than custom holster makers and a quality customized product.

On the other hand, the custom leather holsters have the advantage of accurate fit for the guns. If you visit a holster shop that specializes in customization, they will make you the best holster you want. Even if it's a Wesson N-frame revolver or a 3-inch Smith, customization can fetch you the perfect holster for your gun. You can't find such facilities in factory-made holsters. It may take a while to find a holster for a rarely used gun.

The mass-produced ready-made holsters may give you good products for certain models of handguns. But if you are searching for an impeccable holster that will fit your gun perfectly and has great designs, you need to visit a shop specializing in customization. The factory-made holsters reach you faster than custom-made. Some customizations of holsters can even take weeks.

Availability of the product is another issue for mass producers of holsters. Sometimes you need to wait to get the holster you want, and sometimes get a different product that won't fit your gun accurately. However, crafting and customization may take a few weeks and may even cost extra cash, but you will get the exact product you wanted for your gun. You can even engrave your favourite designs to your holsters with customization.

Some factories do not provide holsters for some models of the gun required for left-handed people, but this is not an issue if you customize your holster. Custom makers can tune your cant and even design your holsters with a high waist or low waist preferences.

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Many holster firms guarantee good quality holsters at a reasonable price and a good design.