Corporate mergers are generally a rather volatile period for employees, with lay-offs looming large over them. This is a time when employees compete with each other to prove their worth to company to avoid being laid-off. A business merger can be a period for better growth in terms of corporate performance. A company needs to be strong in terms of its profitability, efficient in its operation, highly productive in manufacturing and give good returns to its shareholders. It needs to be able to capably fulfill whatever periodic goals the company’s management hopes to fulfill, and ably compete with its rivals. For this, the company – especially after corporate mergers – needs to work parallel to each other, from the CEO to the janitor.

Reasons that Herald corporate mergers are generally along the lines of asset mismanagement, under-investments or over-investments, financing or accounting errors and so on. Business mergers should effectively help to boost growth generally because shareholders realize that the acquisitive company is ambitious and will make strides towards growth. This will make them invest more money in the company formed after the business merger. Acquisitions also means there are likely to be at least short term growths in terms of finance. After corporate mergers, the acquired company is likely to be reshuffled – which means that there would be a change in terms of operative strategy. If the acquisitive company is highly successful, it would also mean that there is going to be better functionality and more realistic goal setting. The targets that the company aims for will change as well – likely to better effect. There is also the fact that both companies likely have their own strengths, which means that a business merger should help combine those strengths. With a combined size, the growth rates registered should also prove to be higher than before. It is also possible that a simple change of management could help to improve performance, if the previous management was simply inept.

But while corporate mergers can be fruitful to the company in terms of growth, the management needs to go through the acquired company’s assets, know its strength and weakness thoroughly. This is also a time when a stern eye needs to be kept over the company’s employees. This is because there is increased pressure on them to perform. While to an extent this is good, when it starts to go to dangerous levels in the form of petty jealousy, it can prove detrimental to the company – especially if displayed to the wrong individuals. So a business merger can be both good and bad, which means there needs to be good direction for the employees for a firm to succeed.

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Capital raising needed to run the business while corporate mergers may be good for company to grow their business.