Basically, our mind is already programmed to give us anything we ask for, and that's a fact. What is left for us to do is to ask for it. But don't get me wrong – it can be tricky, because just asking is not enough. You have to have a deep meaning when you do so. Your subconscious doesn't listen to your words. It listens to your heart and to your deepest believes. If you ask for the perfect match, but don't believe you deserve to be loved, than mister\miss right will never show up. If you want to live luxurious life but don't believe you could ever get the resources for that, your mind won't help you either.

Now we will talk about the doing. What should you do in order to make your unconscious start working for you? Well, first thing you need to do (and it might be a hard one, trust me), choose one thing you want, and phrase it. Try not making it too long, but still quite detailed. Write it down. After deciding, phrasing and writing, you need to read this message repeatedly every day, few times a day. You can do it either out loud, or quietly. I find reading out loud more efficient since it helps me to concentrate, and keeps me focused. Otherwise my thoughts drift. Every time you are doing a "mind session", first imagine your wish as deep and vivid as you can. This can be quite enjoyable! Then you need to read the written words slowly, and concentrate in visualizing the desired outcomes. Don't waist you time trying to figure out how to get there. Leave it to you unconscious.

Important note you have to pay attention to is that you don't want to include negative phrasing. Do you know the saying "Be careful what you wish for"? Well they knew exactly what they were talking about. You need to avoid phrasing messages such as "I will find my true love, we will be happy and will never breakup". Why is that, you probably ask (and for good reason). Because then you include negativism in your unconscious programming, and this will instantly attract those energies to you. That is why you have to carefully think and write your messages. Instead, you can write "I will find my true love, and we will be happy forever more". It is important to insist on positive phrasing only! Double check the messages you are conveying to your subconscious for that matter.

That was a very simple example to make it clear what is the right way of phrasing your wished message. It applies to any phrasing on any subject of desire, whether it's love, health, wealth, popularity, success etc.

So here is what you need to do:

1. Phrase your top wishful message carefully.

2. Check again you phrased it positively (I could write

"with no negativism. But I didn't).

3. Repeat this message every day 2-3 times a day.

4. Before each session, visualize your desired wish.

5. Leave skepticism aside!!

Few words on skepticism:

Remember I wrote that your unconscious mind is programmed to fulfill your desires and you need to deeply believe you deserve it? Well here I just said it again. It also got a separate bold bullet on the list because it is THAT important. You have to really believe that this wish is out there, and that it's on its way to you. It night take few days, it might take weeks or even longer. After you've asked, leave it to the universe to make all other necessary materializing arrangements. You have no control over how your wish is going to come true.

Of course there is more to this matter than those 6 pages article, but unfortunately, I can't write it all here. Still, I won't leave you high and dry. I've made some searching, and came across this mind blowing video that talk exactly about this (go to abd write your e-mail on the attached link. It will be sent to you). When I started learning this subject I couldn't find those kind of organized sources.
Lucky you!