It's easy to have doubts about almost everything nowadays. When we look at the morale of the world in which we live, the economy, the finances, and the functionality of governments we see a picture—a very clear picture, of a bombed out city. How can you stay positive in such a world? There are several ways to do so, but most of them are not helpful. I will discuss five ways below. Four of them correspond with what Shunyamurti, the founder of Sat Yoga Institute of Costa Rica, would call the zombie box. The zombie box consists of for walls governed by sensationalism. sensuality, sexuality, and separation.

Through sensationalism one strives to stand out in the crowd and be special. One struggles all of ones life to be unique and to be esteemed by others. One of the main measures of fulfillment in most western societies is how sensational one is. How much pizazz do you have? Are you being your unique self and rising far above your crowd of peers? If you are you are supposed to feel good about yourself and be happy. On the other side, however, you have separation.

Many people feel separated and alone in our society. They seek friends and a group or partner with whom to share themselves in a loving, trusting way. People are supposed to be sociable beings who exist in community and work together to create mutual nurturence, trust, and opportunity for growth. The only problem with this is that it is in direct opposition to the sensationalism. Sensationalism says that we should be on top. We should be separate. We should be the best. At the same time we are trying to build lasting relationships based on sharing and mutual trust.

The more sensationalism that we have in our lives the smaller our group of true friends become, and they may even be in competition with us. Winning, being a good person, therefor brings about the loneliness we fight against. Trying not to feel separate limits our abilities to reach for the stars alone. This is quite a dilemma. It is a no win situation. To accept this would be devastating, so we simply bounce back between one wall and the other seeking comfort somewhere in the in between, or else we bounce to one of the adjacent walls.

We may bounce to sensuality. We may want to be desired and alluring to the opposite sex, or even the same sex. This, of course, can bring about unwanted advances. It can also lead a person to never really notice who we really are. It may just make people see us as sex objects. The nurturence we are looking for, once again, may be gone because we are presenting ourselves as very sensual beings—looking for all of the pleasures in life. This sensuality often taps into sexuality—the end of allurement. Unfortunately sexuality, though fulfilling, can also become empty without real love and concern. It can become an addiction—a need never fulfilled. Nowadays it can even be dangerous because of incurable social diseases, or just nuts our there looking to murder or abuse someone.

We want to be loved and desired on one side—the side of sensuality. We don't want to be abused, however, by being thought of as only sexual beings and performing sexual acts. So we end up bouncing back and forth between these to walls of the box, or we can bounce from one side to the other never really being happy and self aware. We can just accept the fact that this is how life is and live our lives out going to work, coming home and having a few beers, watching TV, getting laid, and getting ready for the next day. This can be a happy, fulfilled life for many. The problem with it is that it is often empty. It is good for a while, but something inside keeps telling us that there is more. We are pushed to get out of the zombie box. Some people will, but a large number of people in our society never will. Staying in this zombie box can bring us an artificial sense of pleasure and even comfort in the fact that we know what to expect, but it really isn't life.

The main challenge today is getting out of this box. This is the fifth way to find happiness. We are in a civilization where the walls of the zombie box are so thick now that it is hard to escape. They are so visible, especially to our youth, that most people want to get out of that box and find something better. Spirituality and insight can help you get out of that box. First one must learn that the box exists and learn to see it, and then one must strive to break free of the box by a shift in thinking. One must become aware of her or himself and the workings of the world. One must find what is really worthwhile and must dream great dreams and strive to live them. One must find the beauty, wonder, and miracle that resides inside the self which is the True Self This type of discovering and striving can only come through a spiritual practice because most of the other things that we usually do are created by people in the box for people in the box.

Breaking free means flying. You can learn to do that through Spiritual Coaching and reading the write types of books that will break you free and re-awaken the part of you that used to look at clouds and imagine them as animals, or look up at the stars imagining the millions of worlds out there. It is time for us to wake up again. When we do all of the fears and troubles in the world can be obliterated in our own lives, if not all over the world. A free person may suffer from fear sometimes, but is ultimately free and at peace most of the time. He or she has the ability to dip into the underlying river of joy that exists in every person every time life becomes troubling and to be free once again.

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Om Prakash
 Om Prakash (John Gilmore) is the founder of John Gilmore's Healing Hands. He is a Massage Therapist, Body-worker and Energy Worker. He has taught Tai-Chi, Qigong, and Jun Bao Kenpo for Health and Longevity, and led Anti-racism, Anti-oppression, and Reclaiming Your Own Identity Workshops for more than 10 years. For more information and a link to our main website visit This will take you to our official website with audio messages, offers for free books, and an offer on courses where you can learn to produce your own e-book and learn the secrets to promoting them on the internet.