One of the most common billing systems for tracking and managing restaurant payments is "Restaurant Billing Software.” Asimot restaurant POS is software for windows designed to help restaurant users manage and coordinate. The network manages the transfer and stores the resulting data. Such data will generate documents that help the manager make the right business decisions for the restaurant.

Objective of the restaurant billing software:


The restaurant's entire transaction permanently stored in the database administrator can see the details in any information's accessibility.

Maintain Cost:

Reduce the maintenance costs. It is autonomous, so no cost is required to maintain it.


Based on changing needs, the device should be modifiable if the client. It should also be portable for different computers, but not different from Windows OS.

Recover new database orders:

You also connect to your systems for advertising, analytics, reviews and loyalty. You can set up an automated workflow once the data is collected in your restaurant billing software process. The electronic billing software updates the basic table with a new order in the process and helps the right table to produce the right order.

Customer data information protection from Hackers:

It is designed to protect your information from spammers, bots, and hackers. Your information on the restaurant billing software (on a remote server) is much more secure than it is on a local database.

List of characteristics:

*Booking system
*Provide a lot of method of payment
*Easy access to new customers
*Offer s Membership to Customer access
*Automatic estimation of the GST
*Create And Manage Contact
*Assign Daily Task to every employee
*Show Daily Notification to every employee
*Send Single Mail to Customer
*Send Mass Mail to Customers
*Generate Summary Report.

Recovery device for module order and each of the modules is the easiest of all.

Require for Restaurant Billing Software:

*Easy configuration of the menu
*Friendly managing of client orders
*Consumer administration
*Good support service to consumers
*Support of different payment systems

The main advantage of my program is that the ordering process for both the customer and the restaurant is greatly simplified and also it lightens the restaurant's load at the end, as the full order system is automated.

Advantages anticipated:

*This will reduce the number of staff behind the counter
*The system will help reduce labor costs
*The program is less likely to make a mistake, as it is a computer

This will prevent long queues at the system because of the rate of execution and amount of optimal displays for maximum performance.

Web ordering system:

*Add /update/delete food item to/from the menu
*Update price for a given food item
*Update additional information for a particular food product (description, image, etc.)
*An easily readable, visual view of the orders

The product of the constant hard work is here. We have a program that selects customers as a food category according to the filter. This is done by an easy-to-use interactive menu interface. Users can add various items from any of the food categories available to the menu. Based on the customer's choice, payment by cash or debit card or credit card. Therefore the whole process works well, full filling of demand.

One single system combines the functions generating revenue such as scheduling, marketing, and analytics. Restaurant management systems make back end technology for inroads rapidly. It also quickly synchronizes with other systems that make operations simpler and more incoming.

After the implementation of a Asimot restaurant billing software , the industry will grow with technology & innovation growth. There is a range of software solutions for restaurant billing in this industry. Asimot provides India's best cloud-based billing software. If you already use a restaurant billing software and want to replace it with Asimot restaurant billing software in the cloud, Asimot is the best selection. It adapts to your needs and also integrates with e-commerce, POS and CRM systems.

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