Screening resumes and finding the best among them is considered one of the most tedious tasks in the recruitment process. It has been a manual process for decades. Now AI has challenged this traditional approach and automate the process with much higher accuracy. With AI it is possible to screen thousands of resumes of salespeople and other pros in a few seconds.

AI for Resume Screening
As per the global survey, 63% of talent professionals believe that AI has changed the way of recruiting done in their organization. Few of the AI tools including ATS with resume parser helps to screen resumes quickly and efficiently. Resume/CV parsing software extracts information from resumes including contact details, skills, educational qualification, work experience and stores in ATS/CRM.

Advantages of AI enabled resume screening process:
Save recruiters time:
As per Glassdoor, every open job position attracts 250 applications. On an average recruiter spend approximately 2 minutes for screening resumes. It will take 500 minutes a day for a single job opening and organization may have multiple.

A resume parsing software can do it in a few seconds and saves most of the time of recruiters. It extracts candidate information from resumes and stores into segregated fields. ATS uses these details to rate candidate based on the hiring pattern to get the most potential candidates in a go.

Find the best candidate:
Most of the time recruiters process resumes in the order they receive it irrelated of relevancy. Many times irrelevancy happens for profiles oracle developer and java developer, data analyst, and financial analyst, personal secretary and company secretary, etc. It may end up spending a lot of time in engaging irrelevant candidates.

The AI tools help to eliminate such irrelevancy by making accurate resume screening using proper keyword matching. It increases the chances of interviewing the most potential candidates for a job opening.

Reduce unconscious bias:
Humans tend to have an unconscious bias towards many things, and recruitment is not an exception. Sometimes, hiring professionals to make decisions based on the candidate’s name, gender, demographic details, and many more. It leads to encouraging unconscious bias.

AI tools are programmed to eliminate such biases by ignoring demographic details or other factors which leads to promoting diversity at the organization.

In this competitive talent market, it is essential to reach potential candidates faster and engage them better. The volume of candidate applications is going up always, and organizations need AI tools for resume screening to identify qualified candidate quickly.

Author's Bio: 

Lovepreet Dhaliwal works with Rchilli Inc, a leading resume/CV parsing software provider which helps in speeding up your recruitment process. An MBA in HR and marketing, he has over six years of work experience in business development and strategic sales.