Background verification services play significant role in escaping property owners from fraudulent situations. These services are helpful at assisting landlords and property managers in identifying and thereby eliminating delinquent tenants as potential renters. Usually they check credit worthiness and tenant worthiness as two major criteria to determine prospective renters.

If landlord chooses police verification services then renowned background verification companies conduct Tenant screening program helps minimize the risk of renting to high-risk tenants and reduces the risk of rental income loss. This helps protect the hard earned rental investment.

DEWII as a Risk Mitigation company expert at providing background verification services in almost every filed. With DEWII’s quick and reliable tenant screening service, you'll be able to make faster and more informed decisions about renters.

If I talk about online tenant screening then it can give great insight into an applicant's financial and background history. If you do it manual then your screening process should also include reference checks. Tenant verification is important (either done manually or done by third party) to get rid from the risky future situations.

Tenant police verification online the tenant verification process not only helps the landlords understand the eventual applicants and help them choose the responsible one for the sake of security but also helps you with this venture as they provide you with right authenticated tenant.

Benefits of Police verification Services
If any property owner takes the Background Verification services just a waste of time and money then please go through the below mentioned advantages which they will get in authenticated manner.

• Start screening right away
Landlords always take it more crucial phase in finding a great tenant who not only maintain the property but also pay the rent on time. Fully background screening (credit history, criminal records) your renter/applicant will give you a well-rounded view of their background and allow you to assess possible risks you’d be taking by renting valuable property to them.

• Receive full credit, criminal, and eviction reports
Getting complete records of credit, criminal, and eviction reports provide a more comprehensive view of your applicant’s background than a simple manual check of their financial history. we are here to help you for online police verification at Gurgaon with advanced filters and industry best practices to provide superior coverage of authenticated data.

• Compliant process
As a landlord, you must abide by rules and regulations in your dealings with applicants and tenants. DEWII uses Artificial Intelligence based smart technologies designed to be compliant with the government laws, where applicable.

• Easy online process
These days, both landlords and tenants live their lives on the go. DEWII provides online police verification to screen applicants at your own convenience, and you can view the results on your digital devices (computer, phone, or tablet). Moreover, you can even have an applicant fill out screening application (available at DEWII website) on their mobile phone for even verified faster results.

• Straightforward payment
By simply creating an account for free and there’s no hidden charge until you use it. Landlord doesn’t have to worry about unexpected fees or memberships. We also offer maximum flexibility. As a landlord, you choose to pay for the service or pass along the fee to the applicant for this verification.

• No impact to the applicant's credit score
We use AI based smart techniques to verify renter past credit history. Renter may falsify information to get the rented space quick in terms of showing credit history as well. If property owner cannot be reached to those particulars that are no longer feasible then the Background verification companies comes in demand to verify previous records based on its clients guidelines.

• Built-in applicant identity verification
Renters try to attract landlords by representing misleading information in front of them in Rent Form. Owners need to verify social presence along with background checks for several reasons and for the sake of safety and fraudulent situations. The first and most obvious is to verify that you have the adequate worthiness and credit records to pay the rent on time and maintain the property as well along with social co-operation which is also necessary to own.
DEWII provides services for online police verification for tenants in Delhi/NCR & Gurgaon to help by all possible means.

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