Following an employee's participation is vital to your company's productivity, determining quality and fame. Participation is characterized, very essentially, as appearing up for work. But, how can you track it?
For that implement a high-quality biometric time attendance device such as Jibika plexus. Its’ performance is to watch out workers in and out timing, their work activities so that the employees could not manipulate their information of day to day work for earning high payment.

An explicit introduction of several latest attendance devices for example-

  • Jibika plexus
  • Keka HR & payroll
  • greytHR
  • people strong Alt
  • Cuckoo Tech

Operation manner of attendance devices

Discussion of the effective features:

  • Tracking isolated employee’s presence
  • Online access
  • Finance incorporation
  • Absent tracking management
  • Accessibility from mobile
  • Attendance record

The process of attendance device’s adoption

Employee’s footprints collect- There is no individual data utilized within the attendance device but for the employee’s finger’s unique characteristic to form a biometric code and his or her worker ID number.
Employee’s ID number

Employee’s no personal information use- The employee’s social security number and other personal data, such as birthdates, are not utilized by the attendance management device. Typically what makes the system so secure? Indeed on the off chance that it is hacked, which is excessively unbelievable, there's no personal data using.

Footprints are erased from system for further access- To make an attendance gadget indeed more secure, the framework erases fingerprints from the framework. When an unused worker is entered into the system, the computer program checks the formed series of binary code to ensure the security and personality of the representative.

Only employee entry and non-employee not entry- Another major good thing about utilizing time & participation system is that they limit worker and non-employee get to certain ranges of your organization. For the case, you do not want a group of workers is not allowed to get to a certain region of your building; their fingerprints will be signaled within the system so they cannot enter.

Different types of technology applications like image-based, electronic pulse checker, etc- Attendance devices can utilize two sorts of technology like image-based and capacitive. Image-based technology is when the computer program takes a picture of the employee’s face with the help of a scanner to make the binary code for each representative. Capacitive technology is when the program using a heartbeat on a touch screen to feel the outlines on the fingerprints to form the layout of outlines and combine them.
Mobile capacity- Attendance devices have mobile accessibilities, which imply workers who are out of the office can still clock in and out while on the street. Typically relief for any company that from anywhere representatives are constantly on their work no inconvenience is happening with management. You'll be able to track their time on the work and make beyond any doubt the representatives are not misusing the time clock since they are absent from management’s eyes.

Absolute enforcement plan of Jibika plexus:

Long steps pursued

Level1- work arrange

  • Hard copy of work arrange on letterhead pad
  • Hard copy of payee cheque
  • Client has to confirm work appoint through mail

Level2- Software accession

  • Composition on a local server- After the server equipment is prepared; our organization engineer will set up the software.
  • Composition on a cloud server- After getting the server identification code, we are going to set up the program from our office.

Level3- attendance device accession

  • Provide the device to client and also fixed the program
  • Accession time mainly based on the quantity of the device.
  • information entering strategy-Normally, provide an excel sheet to input information than along with this information create a database and after delivering the training program the information checking process starts.

Level4- installing software education

  • Company engineer will provide training to client between 3 to 4 hours.

Level5- device employing education

  • All the information of using the device like what to do if the device not reporting the accurate data? How to register the data? How to check data? How to delete them?

Level6- training for forward

  • The client will send an e-mail collecting the preparing plan and the necessary individual list. The preparing can be preceding 2 or 3 days by crevice one or two days.

Level7- device customization procedure

  • The selected organization could decide their policies of application that could be related to employee leaving policy, payment policy, weekend policy and etc.

Level8- payroll personalization

  • According to the client’s preference payroll policy the engineer of the company will set up the system and after verify the process within 7 days to 15 working days, confirm the update version to client.

Level9- report personalization

  • The client will provide all their priorities through email and all over the year that process will go on.

Level10- adjustment program

  • Any sort of changes needed for adaptation they will provide that throughout the year.

Level11- could get promote caution

  • Any sort of changes in the program or any ideas needed to advance the device, clients are highly embraced.

Level12- maintain connection with clients

  • Clients could share their demands or any concerns with organization through skype, teamviewer or any desk.

Versatility of attendance management device

Prosperities accounted for the operation: (Jibika plexus)

  • From any of the station the software will be accessible
  • The accessibility of the program get more effortless and without any hard copy formality installment will be possible
  • That software could use by electronic which is windows, Mac or Android formed program.
  • Could enlarge the features of the device
  • No service cost
  • Handling ways are painless
  • Control free report correction system
  • Warning system
  • History collection

Attendance device is the worth program for any developed company to maintain their sustainability and Jibika plexus is the latest versatile system-based software. Its’ feel like their success whenever their clients are satisfied across their services.

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