Switching to washable diapers is not an easy decision and I can imagine you from here thinking GOD washable diapers ?… But don't worry, these diapers have nothing to do with the cloth diapers that your mother or grandmother may have used :). Superbottom’s is provide the best newborn Cloth Diapers

Today's washable diapers are beautifully designed, practical and easy to use. In addition, they are an ecological alternative for the environment, are economical in the long term and are also a healthy alternative for your baby, since washable diapers are free of chemicals and toxic substances unlike disposable diapers that contain a worrying amount of allergenic and carcinogenic substances. Today I want to clarify about washable diapers and their use.


To start you can make the transition with 5 diapers (which are washable), twice as many bamboo absorbents (which are washable) and a roll of bamboo cloths that are (disposable and biodegradable, but it is optional). Once you have gotten used to it, it is recommended to have between 15 - 20 diapers, twice as many bamboo absorbents to have a stock for two days and a roll of bamboo cloths that are (disposable and biodegradable, but it is optional). Well, yes, it is an investment at the beginning, but in the long term it is really worth it and you will see that it is an ecological, economic and healthy alternative for your baby.


Washable diapers work like a conventional diaper, it helps to retain your baby's urine and poop, the difference with a disposable diaper is that the ecological diaper and absorbents are washed and reused Reusable cloth diapers are chemical and toxic free. They are made up of waterproof and breathable material on the outside, suitable for protecting the baby's skin from burns and irritations due to heat. In its inner part it comes with a bamboo absorbent and a soft protective layer of cotton fabric that is in contact with your baby's skin and that has an always dry effect so that moisture seeps into the absorbent and there is no feeling of discomfort or humidity.
Reusable cloth diapers, eco friendly reusable diapers You will find different types of diapers, some with different sizes, velcro system.

The great advantage of our washable diapers is that they are one size fits all due to their multiple adjustments, they have a system of front snaps and at the waist to adjust the size of the diaper as your baby grows, so the same diaper can be used from from 15 days old to 30-36 months of age.

Reusable cloth diapers, eco friendly reusable diapers These washable diapers are designed to be used by babies from 3.5kg to 16kg. How to use: To put on the diaper, first adapt the size of the diaper (the length). Then the bamboo absorbent is inserted and it would be ready to be placed on the baby. reusable cloth diapers, eco friendly reusable diapers Finally the width of the waist is adapted.

Checking that it is not too tight or too loose. Reusable cloth diapers, eco friendly reusable diapers Indications: Before the first use, wash the diapers and absorbents by hand or in a gentle wash cycle in warm water with an ecological detergent (preferably) that does not contain fabric softener.

After use, hand pre-wash with cold or warm water to remove urine and feces from diapers and absorbents. Diapers can be machine washed together with baby clothes.
Using bar soap or fabric softener can clog diapers, preventing them from absorbing properly. Diapers and absorbents can be dried in the sun or in the dryer. Do not iron.

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