Dear friend, let me begin by giving a definition of a belief. A belief is something (a word or a phrase) you adopted about yourself after hearing it from others or something that is important to you or that you think has more power than you. A belief is something about the self that you adopted just to belong that is out of alignment with who you are. A belief is simply a thought that you keep thinking. It is just a practiced thought.

We all have old patterns, old imprints and old beliefs that are not of us. They are from our environment, our parents, our school, our society, the television – all of those things give us our beliefs about ourselves and we form our personalities from those. The beliefs that were instilled in us when we were growing up aren’t of us, there are everybody’s projections onto us and that’s what forms our personality.

This experience happens when we are born and begins with our parents, continues with the socialization and it really comes on strong as schools try to hammer square pegs into round holes.

This takes place over many years, approximately the first three to seven years. During this time you begin to absorb and adopt the beliefs, attitudes and view points of the environment and the society. You begin to adopt the attitudes of your parents, of your friends, of your peers. All the things you know as a very young child, intuitively you must begin to absorb at least on some level otherwise you will not be able to survive.

You have to be able to buy into the reality system that you have been born into or you will not be a part of it, it will not be able to sustain you. So for the sake of communicating and to be sustained by the reality, you begin to accept the belief systems of those around you for the purpose of forming that link, that bridge, that connection.

Now this of itself is not a negative thing. However, because of the way that our society has been steeped for thousands of years in certain limiting and negative belief systems, many of those ideas are still residual within many people and unknown very often to us.

Many of those belief systems are transmitted to the children in our society unconsciously and telepathically. (Excerpted from my New eBook coming soon.)

Until next time, make this a week one in which you are living your life to the fullest.
With appreciation and gratitude
Nigel St.Hill
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