A wise man once said that a problem faced in the workplace is nothing more than an opportunity disguised in work clothing.
This is a good thing to remember when faced with a complex issue that has no immediate answer. Some people are naturals at solving problems, other have to study to gain valuable problem solving skills. Either way, it’s an important part of any working adult’s ability to function and advance in their field. The focus of most jobs, not matter the field, is solving some sort of problem; you are either working to solve a client’s problem, working to fix a problem in your company, or looking for new problems in the world to solve.

Some people need help getting over their personal fears and emotional baggage before they can properly learn to solve problem in work or at home. As a life coach, I can honestly tell you that to succeed in the workplace, you have to be a success in your own mind first. Women are great at seeking advice from a life coach, their friends, or even their partners. In cases of complex emotional baggage, counseling is also a sought after recourse. Males on the other hand often don’t seek help due to the limitation placed on them by society.
Online counseling is a good option for business minded men who either don’t have the time to go to a brick and mortar office, or simply don’t feel comfortable seeking a doctor.
The problems you cross in your workplace will often vary; they can appear as complex, easy or small common sense problems.

No matter the source or the nature, it is your job to find a solution. Being a person who can confidently tackle issues at work puts you in a position of power. Confidence can be gained by understanding the process in which problems are solved. With practice and the correct tools, you can approach every issue you face effectively and solve them quickly. Having a capable life coach to show you that proper way to deal with your internal problems helps you learn how to manage complex work related problems. A life coach isn’t only for one thing, it is for all aspects of your life, and you can seek relationship advice, marriage counseling, job related advice and so much more.

As a talented online counseling provider, offering advice as a life coach online is a logical step.

A good Life coach can tell you that there are four main parts to effective problem solving; first, identify and define the problem at hand, then think to your self about several alternative solutions that can be applied to the problem, in our online counseling sessions, we can discuss several ways to identify the roots of problems and not just the symptoms. After that, evaluate the effectiveness and viability of each of the alternatives. Thinking about the various alternatives that will not only positively benefit you, but also the people around you is an important part of problem solving. After your evaluation, implement your solutions and watch for the intended results.

These steps are very simple and if followed in the proper order, will allow a person to become very effective in solving work related problems in the most efficient and cost effective manner. With the proper guidance of an effective and highly knowledgeable life coach, you can easily be on your way to becoming an effective problem solver in both your professional life as well as your personal life.

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Dr. Joseph Abraham, Director, Center for Human Growth and Business Insights, Mechanicsburg, PA. Tel 717-943.0959 Online Psychologist and Life Coach: Marriage Counseling, Relationship Advice, Management Consulting and Small Business Advice. http://www.dr-joseph.com/personal-development-coach.html and www.dr-joseph.com