Combo meals are loved by many and have become the best-selling items in several restaurants in the world. They are affordable and are a good choice for take-away meals. For this reason, the restaurants include it in their most popular dishes.

The popular combo meals also help in attracting more visitors to the restaurant. Due to this, the combo meals in Singapore include drinks as well in the menu. And due to more sales, restaurants achieve good ROI from the combo packs.

Food Items

From steaks to a full meal and desserts, everything is included in combo packs. So, rolling out a variety of combo packs at different times of the year is a good business strategy.

Great Inclusions, Increased Value

The latest trend of combo packs is money saver offers. Most of the reputed restaurants from across the world are offering lower prices on food items which are making more and more people buy them without thinking about the price. Other features include

  • Customized meals where the users can select the items that they like from the given options.


  • Today, drinks are included in the combo packs with the main course to increase the popularity as well as the sales.


  • Upgrade items in the combo packs right now is working like a charm for restaurant owners. Here, people can add more items to make the pack more fulfilling. Large or small sizes work best when people are ordering for more than a single person.


  • As mentioned earlier, lower costs are the universal selling points of these combo meals. Additionally, seasonal or special combos attract more customers due to the surprise element.


  • As opposed to the larger combo meals, smaller meals are working best for people who are price conscious or just want to have a small snack while they are on their way to the workplace, home, or anywhere else other than these places.


  • The Buy 1 get 1 free system is one of the hottest trends in the market. In addition to this system, new packs have arrived where customers can save money if they buy two meals and this can be found while buying the tandoori combo meal in Jalan Besar.


  • Customized combo meals for kids are also taking the market by storm. In many restaurants, small toys and related items are given free with the meal. This is making them popular for the kids as well as their parents.


  • Before selecting the combo meal the symbol for the currencies is removed that makes them look special and affordable for which many people are buying them without thinking much and this is helping them to get accustomed to the combo meals as well as fetching good revenues for the market.


  • Social media promotions are the new trend for these meals. The restaurants are now campaigning through the internet so that the followers get to know about the special meals easily.


Today many new combo meals in Singapore can be found in some of the best restaurants which are following all of these trends too.

Author's Bio: 

The author is the owner of a food chain that started the popular tandoori combo meal in Jalan Besar which has become extremely popular in recent times.