At the time of the early Egyptians and ancient Greece, honey was considered a beauty secret par excellence. Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, known everywhere for her beauty, is said to have cared for her face with honey and bathed in full baths of milk and honey. Even today, girls use honey for oily skin and dry skin, whether nutrition, facial care or skin cares - honey is a real panacea. The great advantage is that honey is not only suitable for a specific skin type but for all skin types - whether dry, sensitive, mixed or prone to impurities.


Honey is not just honey.

Especially in facial care, honey plays a significant role as a natural antibiotic. Also, honey also contains a lot of vitamin A, B2, B3, B5 and C as well as numerous minerals. When it comes to facial care, it is best to reach for high-quality organic honey, in which the density of vitamins and healthy ingredients is exceptionally high. In recent years, for example, Manuka honey has increasingly gained trend value and is known for its positive effects on health. Numerous facial care products, such as the Age Perfect Extra-Rich Repairing Serum from L'Oréal Paris, are enriched with Manuka honey. This supports wound healing as a natural antibiotic, contains antioxidants, smoothes the skin and counteracts acne.


How does honey work on the skin?

In facial care, honey helps to make the skin appear smoother, plumper and suppler. Its ingredients help the skin to become more elastic and moisturize without weighing it down. When honey is used in its pure form or as an ingredient in facial care, it helps the skin retain moisture better. Honey is useful for skin prone to dryness as well as acne-prone or oily skin.


Is honey good for oily skin? In the situation of skin prone to bad skin or acnes and impurities, the antibacterial ingredients of honey, in particular, have a positive effect on the skin's appearance. Facial care with honey clarifies the skin without unnecessarily drying it out. The secret lies in the antiseptic formula of honey, which accumulates in small quantities due to an enzyme in honey. This enzyme is susceptible to heat and light, so be sure to store honey in a dark, cool place. Organic honey also has the advantage that it has not been treated with heat or chemicals and thus has retained its natural ingredients. Honey can also be explicitly applied to individual pimples or as a whole mask - it counteracts inflammation and dries out blemishes. Somewhat coarser honey with many crystals, for example, can also be used several times a week as a facial scrub.


Honey also plays an essential role in anti-aging care, as it has to firm and regenerating properties. It helps to improve the elasticity of the skin and nourishes it with an extra portion of moisture. Since honey contains no fat, it is also suitable for combination and sensitive skin. Age Perfect Extra-Rich Repairing Intensive Day Care uses the benefits of Manuka honey to create intensively nourishing yet non-weighing daycare.

Honey Mask

Honey was already the beauty secret of Cleopatra. Now we tell you how you can conjure up a beautiful skin with honey. Simply make a honey mask yourself.

Our skin is quite stressed in everyday life. With a face mask, you can give back to your skin in a few minutes, what is lost during the day? We know honey on our breakfast bread or in our tea. But honey on the face? The honey mask is an incredibly effective home remedy; it makes your complexion radiant again! Honey is unusually mild to the skin, and with a few tricks, you can adapt the classic honey mask to your skin type. For this purpose, the honey can either be applied pure or mixed with other ingredients such as cottage cheese to a mask. So it will meet the needs of your skin, no matter what skin type you are, whether dry, oily or sensitive skin, with a honey mask you can make intensive face care. Honey has a refreshing effect, protects against skin aging and prevents impurities.


For the perfect kissing mouth, you can also use the honey mask on the lips. Honey is a miracle weapon here as well. Your lips become softer and are protected.


The oily skin type

Oily skin types tend to have large pores, increased sebum production and often struggle with blackheads and pimples. The be-all and end-all of caring for oily or oily skin is proper cleansing. We explain what should be considered in daily care and cleansing, which ingredients are recommended and what causes oily skin.

Causes of oily skin

An oily skin type can also be hereditary. Other causes can be, for example, hormonal changes during pregnancy and menopause. Taking birth control pills can also temporarily make the skin oilier. Besides, certain foods and cosmetic products contribute to an increase in sebum production.


But what does increased sebum production mean? The sebaceous glands are accountable for the development of sebum. This oily secretion is essential for moisturizing the skin. If sebum production is increased, too much sebum is produced, which is then deposited on the skin and causes the shine typical of oily skin types. In addition, the sebum accumulates in the glands, causing them to dilate and clog the pores. If bacteria then find their way onto the skin, inflammation, pimples, and blackheads are the result.


Simple and effective - the honey mask

For the simple honey mask, mix hot water with two tablespoons of honey. Apply the honey mask with a brush, avoiding the eye area. You do not have to leave out the mouth area. Honey also nourishes the lips very well and protects them from tearing. After 15-20 minutes, you can remove the honey mask with warm water and a clean washcloth. If you use the honey mask weekly, you will visibly get fewer pimples and blackheads. The mixture of the mask is not suitable for storage and should be freshly mixed for each application.

Honey mask effect a honey mask makes you look younger.

Regular use of a honey mask can lead to a younger and fresher appearance, as honey slows down the natural skin aging process. This is due to the amino acid and vitamin C contained in honey. They help our skin to become more elastic and toned, as they are instrumental in the production of collagen, which gives structure to your connective tissue. Besides, the blood circulation is stimulated with a honey mask; the skin is optimally supplied with care substances and oxygen and can regenerate better. The result: we look more youthful!

Honey for dry skin

A very proven home remedy is the use of honey for dry skin. This has a slight anti-inflammatory effect. It is recommended to use natural honey in a mixture with curd cheese and also olive oil.


All three ingredients should be used in equal parts. As a result, the skin becomes supple, and the rough feeling quickly decreases. After ten to fifteen minutes, honey care can be removed from the skin.


Olive oil is a proven home remedy for dry skin, as it contains numerous healthy fatty acids and antioxidants. These have a soothing and nourishing effect on our skin. You can simply apply the olive oil to your body half an hour before showering or even make a scrub with it. To do this, simply mix it with sugar in equal parts.

Honey has an antibacterial effect and has many nourishing ingredients as well as antioxidants. The golden bee nectar provides the skin with various minerals and vitamins and promotes supple and soft skin. You can also apply the honey pure and wash it off in the shower after a short exposure time.

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