Are you wondering about skin tags removal at home?

Simple ingredients at home can be instrumental in the removal of skin tags. Among the natural oils that can be used for this purpose, tea tree oil is considered to be the best. The medicinal value of tea tree oil cannot be discounted. Tea tree oil is used to treat a lot of skin and dermatological problems. Even genital warts can be cured using tea tree oil. An exact scientific justification to its efficacy cannot be clearly ascertained. But this procedure works out well for many people.

All you need on hand is a cotton ball and the tea tree oil. Wash the skin tag area thoroughly with hot water. You can also use sterile solution and soap to make sure it is even cleaner. This is to ward off any possible infections in the future. Twice or thrice a day, you can perform this process. You will do this for a period of one week. To your surprise, you will find that the skin tags vanish in a few days of time.

Before using tea tree oil on any part of your body, you must first check if you have any adverse reactions to it. If you find that you are allergic to tea tree oil, then it is better to try out other better options that might suit your skin.

Skin tags removal at home using duct tape or vitamins is also performed by many people. There won't be any special equipment that has to be used. Other methods tried by some include burning and freezing. Duct tape is used to tie the skin tag. In some cases, bandage is tied around the skin to hold the duct tape in place. When the connection between the skin tag stalk and skin is less, the tags will automatically dry out and peel off from the skin. You can go about your daily routine and normal activities, since all you'd have on your skin is duct tape. If two days pass and the skin tag hadn't fully dropped off yet, do the whole process again.

On a strip of band aid, you can pour Vitamin E oil. Stick that strip on the skin tag and let it stay there for a few days. You can then remove the band aid when the tag has dried out. Some people even use a combination of baking soda and castor oil for the same purpose.

Herb extracts are also used by some people as a skin tag remover at home. Herbal extracts that prove to be useful are numerous. There is no question that that medicinal values of many herbs are very high.The herbs Melaleuca Alternifolia, thuja occidentalis and Ricinus communis produce juices, which are then mixed together to form a herbal extract that can remove skin tags.These three herbs are famous for their medicinal properties. Their medicinal properties when it comes to skin problems have scientific studies backing them up. They are also valued for their antiviral properties. Sterilize the skin with hot water before applying the herb extract directly on the skin tag. For best results, do this three times in a day.

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