When selling a home, it's a good idea to use every advantage possible in order to make it appealing to potential buyers. Staging the home prior to scheduling showings and open houses is a great way to increase its overall appeal, increasing the chances that it will sell quickly at a good price. The goal of home staging is to streamline the appearance of the home, simplifying and de-cluttering its overall look so that potential buyers will be able to visualize themselves living in the home. By utilizing feng shui techniques to stage a home, you'll be able to enhance the home's sense of order, serenity and positive energy. Here are some feng shui tips that you can use to quickly and effectively stage a home before attempting to sell it.

Start by De-Cluttering

Regardless of the methodology used to stage a home, de-cluttering is always an essential step. Start by walking into the home through the primary entryway. Look at the house as though it were a river bed. If water were to flow into the home by way of the front door, would it be able to flow through the house in an unimpeded fashion? Or, are there corners and cluttered areas where water would pool and stagnate? Clear up any cluttered areas, and remove unnecessary furniture pieces. Arrange the remaining furniture pieces in a curving fashion, using them to round out corners and create smooth pathways throughout the home. Remove everything from the floor that you can, since items on the floor will draw the eye downward. Items placed on the floor also encourage the accumulation of negative energy. Once you have completed the de-cluttering phase of the home staging process, potential buyers will be better able to visualize their belongings in the house.

Engage the Buyer's Senses

When a potential buyer's senses are engaged in a positive fashion, they are more likely to look favorably upon the house. Simple lines and clean horizontal surfaces can be very visually appealing. However, it's also important to try to engage the other senses as well. For example, a light scent of vanilla or cinnamon can make a house seem very homey. Or, try using the light fragrance of pine or lemon to make a home seem sparkling clean. The buyer's sense of hearing can also be engaged by playing soft music, or by hanging a wind chime in an open window. If the home has a water feature such as a fountain, the sound of flowing water can be quite engaging.

Make a Positive First Impression

Since your home will never get a chance to make a second "first impression" on a potential buyer, you want to make their first sight of your home a pleasant and memorable one. Flowers placed on either side of the front door can be quite welcoming. To see how others will view your home, try walking into your front door. Make note of where your eyes naturally go. If they go to certain areas because they are unattractive, find a way to remedy the situation. Instead, create beautiful focal points within the home that will attract the eye in a favorable fashion, thus creating a good first impression.

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Jessica Ackerman writes for WallDecorandHomeAccents.com where she provides detailed instructions for decorating with iron door toppers and Southwestern wall art.