Long Island is a densely populated island in the state of New York, stretching from the eastern part of New York City into the Atlantic Ocean. Spread over an area of 3.6 sq km, Long Island is inhabited by more than 7.5 million people. More than half of the population of New York City now lives in Long Island. If you are planning to buy a home in Long Island, home inspection is one of the integral and most important aspects of this process. This process is carried out by a professional home inspector who gives a detailed report about the condition of the structure and features to the buyer.

No matter how closely you look at the structure of the house you are buying, you cannot match the watchful eyes of a professional inspector. Long Island home inspectors are skilled and trained to carry out a close visual inspection to reveal the real condition of the house to the buyer. You are confident that there are no hidden surprises and you are able to take an informed decision about buying the property. Inspection carried out by a trained and experienced inspector gives you added layer of security when buying a home in Long Island. Here are different types of evaluations done by the inspector during Long Island home inspection .


When you are buying a house in Nassau County in Long Island, you want to make sure that it has a solid foundation. You can compare structural inspection to the skeleton of a human being. It includes examining the foundation, the exterior and the interior including the roof, the walls, the attic, and the basement. Inspector also looks at insulation and ventilation quality in the home to make sure everything is in accordance with the codes and also in a good condition.


The structure of the house may be good but if its mechanical systems are not OK, you can expect huge expenditure in future on their repairs. Nassau home inspection gives you an insight into the condition and the working of the mechanical systems installed by the owner of the property. Mechanical inspection includes assessment of the condition of the HVAC, electrical lines, plumbing fixtures, appliances in the kitchen, water heating system, and the ducting done to carry fresh air inside the home. The report of the inspector reveals the actual condition of all the mechanical systems inside the house to let you know if there are any flaws and if they require any major expenditure or not.

Additional Inspections requested by the customer

In addition to the routine inspection comprising an assessment and evaluation of the structure and mechanical systems, home inspections in Long Island sometimes also include specialty inspections requested by the client. Additional charges are paid by the customer to carry out these inspections. They may include inspection of mold, termite, EIFS inspections, air quality, and the inspection of the sprinkler system. As homes in Long Island are exposed to a high level of humidity, it is important for you as a buyer to know the real condition of the mold, air quality inside the home, and the presence of moisture inside the walls of the property you are going to buy.

It is important as the buyer to be present at the time of inspection. The entire exercise lasts for only 2-4 hours and it gives you a chance to ask questions and raise doubts about anything that the

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