There are many tourists who choose to take a HOLIDAY IN BARCELONA. Barcelona is second in dimension and population to Spain's prominent capital Madrid. This contrasts to its humble beginnings as a town built upon a little hill with fewer than 1000 occupants in 15-10 BC. You will find two official languages spoken in Barcelona: Catalan and Castillian, the Spanish national language.

Barcelona does not just boast an attractive stretch of the Mediterranean shoreline. Additionally it has a significant history from its Roman colonial beginnings. The remains of the temple, the Sepulchral Way necropolis (the Roman graveyard) and also the Roman walls, turrets and gateways of Barcino lay testimony for this. Dried aqueducts that when originally built for the city to supply flowing water for its people and industry. Industry which can be experienced in two training courses where clothes were cleaned and dyed within the Museu d'Historia de la Ciutat. The architecture is very distinct too: you will find a number of medieval roots and also the places of worship are a sight to behold, particularly the Sagrada Familia the city's favourite monument.

The economic revolution elevated this burgeoning city's capacity once more. The 1888 World's Fair demonstrated the forward outlook and effort the city made. That outlook and energy continues to be conspicuously on show to the current day. Its culture and the arts express Barcelona which also maintains its historic integrity but has the capacity to provide the modern-day tourist with the all of the facilities they would expect.

The coast is reachable through the famous Las Ramblas, the road to the sea. You will find four primary beaches such as the famous Olympic marina and village, designed and created to host the worldwide event in 1992. Barcelona is diligent in making certain its beaches attain the greatest standards of hygiene and safety. Its average annual temperatures start with the lowest of 10 degrees Celsius in the month of January and rise to a sizzling 29 degrees in August. Restaurants and bars dot the beach and promenade with local special treats and drinks to reduce the heat from the persistent sun.

The Costa Brava is really a natural habitat for the surfer. Sailing and boating is popular too and swimming and diving into the warm waters and exploring its seabed are really a favourite among many visitors. After the water, golf, basketball and tennis are also alluring. La Cala Golf & Health Spa Resort, a five-star hotel, offers access to its golf course free for its residents. You can also head towards the mountain tops from the Pyrenees for the winters where skiing is practised regularly.

When you arrive to begin your HOLIDAY IN BARCELONA you will find from the airport terminal that, as expected, transfer options are extremely good. Rental cars and coaches can be reserved together with your plane tickets. Good local transport such as buses and taxis can be found too.

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