Born on a very bright December night, born in this humble stable, humanity's treasure...the Way, the Truth and the Life.
This Christ child was given to a world too blind to see, Jesus knew his destiny and he loved us that die on Calvary for you and me.
Mary and Joseph accepted their role in God's perfect plan, God would wrap himself in flesh and walk as Deity amongst man.
From the moment he was born his life was in danger, this tiny, innocent child, born among livestock in a manger.
He spoke of his Father to people everywhere, crowds near and far, this child pursued by wise men under that bright December star.
As he entered the Temple and saw people selling their wares and his Father's house being desecrated, he still loved them all, but the evil in their hearts he hated.
His ministry was beginning and he had received power from above, the Holy Spirit descended upon him in the form of a dove.
Now he would begin to assemble his apostles to teach them through parables, the mystery of the ages, that his death for humanity was what God required as wages...for the youg and old, each and everyone, this perfect lamb, God's only Son.
Jesus was well aware to be able to heal and deliver required much prayer.
As the word of his miracles spread across the land, Satan had put in Judas' heart to surrender the Son of Man.
He always Blessed people wherever he stayed, now the Lord of Host was about to be betrayed.
Thirty pieces of silver was all Judas was paid, the plan was devised, the trap had been laid.
Jesus continued to pray to God for more power, because he knew the horror that awaited him in this hour.
Soon his abductors entered the garden, the high priest and soldiers not wanting to miss Judas sign...the betrayal kiss.
They took him away in shackles, each listening for a cry of mercy that might be heard, but from Jesus...not a single word.
He had remained silent and ever so still, Father if you can remove this cup, but not mine, but your will.
He had entered this world with a powerful message, a story of forgiveness and love, what it meant to be courageous and bold..THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD!
Now this 'Good Friday' he hung nailed to this cross of wood and he did nothing wrong, but be good. He stayed on that cross and never demanded to be brought down, he didn't need to scream, that's how the whisper of love must sound!

Author's Bio: 

64 year old male, living with wife of 43 years, Linda, in Virginia Beach, Va. Graduated in 1969 and served 6 years in Naval Reserve. Jobs consisted of Import Manager, Route Salesman, Truck Driver and Target logistics team member. Recently retired, starting new website and a blog site God has Blessed me in having 2 books published, Splinters On The Carpenter's Floor on Amazon and A Carpenter Named Savior now available on Kindle.