What is DUI Lawyer?

First of all, let's know the meaning of DUI. DUI stands for Driving under the influence. DUI comes under criminal offenses in many cities.

In case you are found to have a blood-alcohol level that exceeds 0.05% ( Depends on the jurisdiction ), then you can be convicted.

This is where a DUI lawyer comes in. They are criminal defense attorneys with specialization in DUI Cases. If you want to avoid jail time, then you require a good DUI lawyer to defend you. The DUI lawyer gathers witnesses and investigators. They also try to expose any discrepancies in police procedures. A good DUI Lawyer tries to get many charges dropped.

# Things to Consider while Hiring a DUI Lawyer

1.. Take Free Consultations

DUI cases can be complex to handle as every state have their laws. Many of the top firms provide a free consultation so take advantage of this. Visit as many as firm possible take free consultation. This will help you understand your needs for the case, and you will have a potential list of lawyers you may want to hire. DUI attorney should be able to assess both the strengths and weaknesses of your situation.

2... Lawyer's Track Record::

When it comes to serving jail time, your future is at risk, so you don't want some newbie lawyer to handle your case. Make sure that the lawyer you are hiring has a good track record.

Always ask them how many cases have they won and how many ended badly for their client?

A good track record will also give you confidence, and there are more chances of you getting a decision in your favor if the case is handled by some experienced.

3.. Fee :

Hire someone whose fee you can pay. Hiring a lawyer can be expensive. Most lawyers have a payment plan in which you can pay the money in parts. So look into your finances and figure out how much you can afford. Talk with as many lawyers as possible. Get the payment structure from them. After that, figure out who suits your pocket and also have your confidence.   

But remember to hire a lawyer in whom you have confidence. Don't go with a newbie lawyer to save money.

4.. Disciplinary action from the Bar Association:

Lawyers have a reputation. Having a lawyer with a good reputation can be beneficial for your case. You don't want a lawyer who has faced disciplinary action from Bar Association as it can hurt your case. Be careful about who you hire as your future depends on the lawyer you hire. You want a lawyer who knows the law, not one who breaks it. 

These were the few things you should keep in mind while hiring a DUI Lawyer. In DUI cases, your future is at stake, so you need a solid defense. Never go for a lawyer just because of the low fee. Money can be earned again, but once you go to jail, that can't be reverted.   

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