If you are looking for a place to celebrate your birthday or your wedding than Bolzano South Tyrol Italy is the best place. It is a beautiful mountain area that can be enjoyed in two seasons of the year the winter and the summer. Tyrol attracts people with its contrasting cultural harmony. It has a lot of comparison between the Alpine peaks and the landscape of the Mediterranean.

A wedding here will provide the right ambience.The Italian food is simply delicious with its dishes like the gelato, risotto, asiago and prosciutto. The celebration will become more pleasurable with these mouth-watering dishes. However, simple the wedding celebration make it a memorable occasion with Suedtirol Italien the wedding planner.

Why Choose Bolzano South Tyrol as the Wedding Destination?

Bolzano borders on the north and east with Austria andis more like a merger of Italy and Austria. There are a lot of valleys all around where you can enjoy the lush and beautiful mountain ranges, beaches with white sands, warm oceans and green wide fields.

Lately a lot of people have been choosing Italy as the wedding destination which has made it very popular. It is also ideal for honeymoons, bachelor parties, graduation parties and romantic getaways. Tourism is one of the fastest booming industries in Italy. It is the fifth most visited country in the world. With its beauty, culture and delicious dishes, Italy is the best place for a wedding. Hire the best caterers and make it a memorable occasion.

Italy –Best Place for Food and Wines

In Italy you can come across mouth-watering dishes and wines which are authentic and exotic. Celebrate your wedding in Italy and enjoy fresh fruits, vegetables and well cured meats besides aged cheeses which can add flavour to every meal. You can enjoy the world famous pizza, the delicious Prosecutor, Parmigiano cheese which is 30 years old, mouth-watering pasta, and Tiramisu. Italy is food lovers paradise and these foods will definitely take you back on a visit.

Italy is the best place for food lovers to celebrate a wedding. A wedding planner will make things simpler by helping you to contact the right persons to get the wedding preparations together. You can take a trip to Italy to choose the best venue and the menu before you decide anything more. You can also browse the web and check on the different spots.

Get married in a Castle and make it a Memorable Occasion

Since Italy has become a popular wedding destination choose a nice castle and get married in style. There is a castle in Trentino Alto Adige which can accommodate a crowd of 200 people in the bigger hall. They also have a small hall which can accommodate a crowd of 50 if you are having an intimate function.

There is a private chapel where the wedding nuptials can take place. They also offer onsite catering for which they charge pounds 65 per person. The castle is located 20 km from the airport. It is resting on a hill with breathtaking views and a beautiful garden with terrace.

Choose Italy, as  your  Weddingplaner Suedtirol Italien destination and make it a memorable occasion.

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