Scheduling interviews is one of the most daunting jobs. To hire efficient people who can meet the expectations of the company and can strive for the growth of the organization is not an easy task. Scheduling the interviews efficiently and effectively will save you a lot of time and will promote a positive experience for both the candidate and the hiring team. Usually scheduling the interviews is a burden. Finding the correct time for conducting the interview that works for both the candidates and the interviewer requires continuous monitoring and checking through emails and calendars. When you want to schedule multiple interviews for the same candidate on the same day then there will be a risk that the interviewers and candidates will be confused. Here comes the use of the automated scheduling software which makes your work easier.

By using the online automated scheduling software the recruiters can set the time slots about the availability of the interviewing team and also can forward the same information to the candidates via email or text message. The interviewers can also re-schedule the interview and this update can be intimated to the candidate using email. Here are a few tips on how you can hire the best candidates with online interview scheduling.

Investing time

You should spend specific time on the candidate in the interview because this is the time where you know more about the candidate and you can decide whether or not to recruit the candidate. Usually, the time taken to conduct an interview lasts from 5 min to 45 min depending on the candidate’s caliber and also the recruiter’s interest in the candidate. You should spend time on each category and get to know the candidate thoroughly. You can also divide the time slot that can allow the head recruiters to interview the candidate. By doing this you can be able to hire the candidate with the best potential and skills to your organization.

Coordinate with the hiring team early

You should be ready on the beforehand to reduce the stress regarding the recruitment process. You should be in contact with your recruitment team. You should know about the timings in which the team is free. You should know about whether they are busy so that you can schedule the interview for some other day. You should share the time slots of the interviewer so that they can attend correctly without any chaos. You should also have access to their google calendar so that you can know if there is any overlap about the interviews. This will help proceed with the interviews without any problem.

Include your buffer time

You should be able to estimate how long the interview takes and you should always take a break between the interviews. You should always take a break from the busy schedule. It will help you to concentrate and you will be able to do your job perfectly. By arranging the buffer time you can be able to know about the count of the candidates that can be interviewed on that day and you can arrange the candidates accordingly without wasting the time of any candidate. By this, you can never run short of your time to conduct the interviews.

Choose the right time of the day

You should always conduct the interviews at the right time. Some interviews are conducted in the odd timing which is not a good sign for hiring. You should always conduct the interviews during the day times so that it will be convenient for both interviewers and candidates. During the day people will be more energetic and attentive so this is the best time to conduct the interviews. If the interviewer has a meeting or presentation after the recruitment process then he/she will be more attentive about the meeting than the candidate sitting in front of them. So the timing for scheduling the interview also plays a key role.

Encourage self-scheduling

You waste many hours scheduling and coordinating the interviews and matching them up with everyone’s schedule. This job is very difficult using a lot of stress and manpower. By using this online scheduling software you can make the interviewer and the candidate to book the interviews according to the timings flexible to both of them. This will reduce the stress and you need not follow up regularly with emails or text messages. The software sends automatic alerts and emails. Even if the team schedule is changed it will send the notifications beforehand.

By following these rules and using the free online scheduling software you can save a lot of time and can organize your interviews hassle-free. This will be very helpful to hire the best candidates with greater capabilities to work for the organization.

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