New methods of building are revolutionizing building methods. Use of high tech materials and high-end techniques are giving building a new look. Builders are going in for tensile structures to enhance the facade of buildings and give them a new type of roofing. These are cost-effective and easy to make. Many buildings in India use these new fabrics.

Modern buildings with tensile fabric

Some of the examples of the new type of buildings are Mumbai airport, Hyderabad airport, and IMTMA Bangalore International Convention Centre. Many top tensile architecture structure manufacturers Companies operating in India like Ferrari, Mehler and Versadgae, and Grorich Tentsystems Pvt Ltd. are offering new versatile fabric structure systems for making facades and roofing. You can see membrane architecture on the international scene at places like the London Millenium Dome and in Liverpool Aintree Racecourse.

In simple terms, a tensile fabric is a concrete structure in tensile. Shapes like the double curve barrel vault, cone, and Hyper form the basis for all other shapes in concrete design. The tensile structures are designed to withstand solar radiation, temperature variations, wind pressure, and tension in any direction. Different materials are used to make these structures such as cotton canvas, acrylic-coated canvas, Teflon coated glass, PVC coated polyester, and much more. Most commonly used tension fabric materials are fibreglass coated with PTFE and polyester coated with PVDF or PVC.

Desirable properties of fabric material

These fabric materials have different properties suited to make tensile concrete fabric. Among the many properties, these are the most important:

Fire performance: It is necessary for the material to have a high degree of resistance to fire and heat. Most tensile members deform under heat so it is necessary to ascertain the degree of resistance the members have to fire.

Cleaning: Every structure needs periodic maintenance and cleaning at least once a year. If you cannot clean the structure you must use PTFE or glass fabric. It allows the rain to clean the dirt off the surface. Raw PVC will gather dirt easily so we have to use surface foils or dirt resistant lacquers.

Colour range: You have a good range of colours in the tensile fabric. Check with the supplier if he has the colour you need for building.

Mesh fabric is a coated cloth that has a space within thread bundles. When we use mesh for interiors, a coating is given to threads before weaving. The cloth base is stabilized by giving it a coating on the inside and outside. For more specifications, contact your supplier or tensile architecture structure suppliers. Tensile structures for buildings are the cost-effective and practical way to improve the functionality of a building.

Tested and deployed

When subjected to a load, all fabrics will stretch, but they all exhibit different characteristics typical to the type. They are tested for the stretch on a biaxial rig before installation. Design process then calculates and locates foundation pads. All services are located and those that need it are rerouted to new locations. The channels for rainwater runoff are located. Provisions are made for lighting and security as needed. Detailed design drawings are prepared to begin the construction process.

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