Bad breath is the response to many things. Some of your bad breath causes could be as simple as coming from the foods you consume over the course of a day, while some may well have to do with bodily problems and possible health problems you might have. So here are some bad breath causes that will help you help determine what's the cause of your specific trouble so you're able to find out the best thing to do to remedy it.

Your Diet:

In terms of bad breath one of the worst offenders of it is the foods we consume. Your bad breath can also continue for days because some items we eat (like onions and garlic) can stay inside our system for days. They can also make the body smell bad too. Below are a few methods to deal with food bad breath:

  • Use herbal products (mint, herbs, herbal tea, etc).
  • Natural mouthwashes or rinses.
  • Mints and gums.
  • Brush your teeth promptly and be sure to brush your tongue also.

Although there's no sure fire way to deal with this dilemma, if it is the cause for your bad breath, it should stop after a couple of days.

Bad Breath Due to Dry Mouth:

A dry mouth is another one of most frequent bad breath causes. Not making a significant amount of saliva in the mouth will cause it to become dry and this will bring about bad breath. Morning breath is a perfect instance of when the mouth becomes dry. Some people might have specific conditions that stop them from making sufficient amount of saliva to cleanse their mouth For those people that link their bad breath to an inability to generate enough saliva, seeking out specialist help is the best choice, for everybody else, dissolving a mint, chewing gum, or drinking water will overcome that dry mouth and thereby eliminate that bad breath.

Dental issues:

Bad breath could possibly be the result of oral care. Failing to get your teeth cleaned by a dental professional, struggling with cavities, or a dental or medical malady can also be the cause of the bad mouth odor. As oral plaque builds up around the teeth and gums so will the prospect of bad breath. In order to handle this matter you can:

  • See your dental professional 2 times a year (every six months).
  • Any dental or medical troubles should be rectified as soon as possible.
  • Use mouthwashes or mouth rinses.
  • Brush and floss every day to have a healthy mouth.


It's not just what we eat or how we care for our teeth that may be to blame for our bad breath, diseases or sicknesses can also be the reason behind the situation. Here are a few condition that can bring about bad breath:

  • Cancer(particularly of the throat).
  • Metabolism troubles in certain individuals.
  • Acid reflux disease.
  • Individuals with kidney failure or diabetes, could also find that bad breath is a very common problem.

The only thing that you can do to fight the bad breath is to combat the condition or problems first then concentrate on the mouth odor.


Although many people won't agree to this, probably the most common issues with bad breath is the use of tobacco-based items, along with other recreational drugs. It doesn't matter what kind of tobacco product you use, bad breath and maybe more severe troubles can happen. If you only want to hide the smell of tobacco there are gums and mints, however the best thing to combat against tobacco breath or even the likelihood of any other issue is to give up.

Regardless of what is causing your bad breath, there are actually different options you can look at. Sometimes all that may need to be done is an change in eating habits while in other conditions a better approach may be important.

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