Smoking has been there for centuries and it does no good. Smoking cigarettes causes many adverse effects on our bodies and leads to cancer. In a cigarette, there are toxic chemicals, carcinogens, nicotine, tar, etc. It harms the body in numerous ways. Your lungs are badly affected by smoking. It causes fatal diseases, increases the risk of stroke, heart attack, stomach cancer/ulcers, etc. It also causes unattractive problems like gum diseases, stained teeth, and gum problems.

Why smoke cigarettes when there are other healthy smoking alternatives like vaping vitamin B12. It is a good alternative to nicotine products. Let’s see how?

No Dangerous Chemicals:

When you use a herbal vape pen dangerous chemicals like ammonia, hydrogen cyanide , and carbon monoxide are not consumed by the body. You actually breathe B12 air which offers many health benefits.

Vapor is Purer Than Nicotine Smoke:

Smoking contains a lot of carcinogens and toxic chemicals that come from combustion. When you vape vitamin herbal pen you cut down on the toxicity. When you smoke cigarettes you inhale high heat which is not good for your throat. Virtually nothing toxic reaches your lungs and it reduces respiratory inflammation.

Vitamin Vape Pen – Reduces Stress – Meets Vitamins Deficiency

A vitamin vape pen is unlike herbal cigarettes because it is rich in vitamin B12. Our body does not produce vitamin B12. It is an essential ingredient for the body, but it has to be consumed. When you consume it in the form of vapor the body tends to absorb vitamin B12 more quickly and efficiently. It gives instant results. As soon as you start vaping, your mind will relax. It soothes the mind and calms the nerves.

It makes you feel stress-free. People turn to cigarettes because they think it will release stress. However, cigarettes increase the stress levels in the body. On the other hand, when you vape vitamin air it reduces the stress level in the body and meets the vitamin deficiency. So, it is more healthy than regular cigarettes.

Tasteful and Safe For People Around You

Cigarette smoking spoils the sense of taste and smell. It produces a bad odor. A herbal vaping pen comes in various flavors like peppermint, rose, watermelon, blueberries, etc. which pleases your taste buds. There is no second smoke and it benefits everyone. Cigarette smoke circulates around and spreads chronic smell which many don’t like. A herbal vape pen produces smoke which won’t distress someone around you.

Passive smoking is bad when it comes to smoking cigarettes. It can harm your friends, loved ones and peers when you smoke around them whereas vaping is absolutely safe for the people around you. The vapor dissolves in the air quickly.

Using a vape pen is very simple

The herbal vape pen looks like a sleek pen that has a cartridge of medicinal herbs. It has a rechargeable battery which needs to be fixed to the USB for charging. The mouthpiece can be removed easily for cleaning as well. Some atomizers are removable/replaceable but for some there comes a liquid which needs to be refilled.

Conclusion: Smoking is injurious to health, but vaping is beneficial. It is portable and you can carry it with you. When you feel like smoking, simply have a few puffs and relax your mind. Vaping is much easier on the body and many experience it quickly. It will limit your exposure to harmful toxins and you experience the flavor of a herb that soothes your mind.

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She is a well-known lifestyle writer. She has lots of experience and she shares her knowledge about the use of and benefits of Vitamin B12 vape pen being used.