In our daily life, epididymitis is a common disease that affects the male health very much. When having the disease, many male friends will have painful feelings in the urogenital system. To prevent the epididymitis from aggravating, eating habits should be noticed.

We are often asked to eat more vegetables when we are out of condition. But herb doctor says that some vegetables contain oxalic acid, which should be avoid for patients with epididymitis. So what specific vegetables shouldn't be allowed for them?

First of all, it is green onion. For men, it is usually very good to eat green onion regularly, which can help us to improve male attractiveness and male hormones. But to the patient of epididymitis, green onion is not suggested to eat more. This is because green onion contains rich potassium. If you intake too much potassium, it will bring about the relapse of epididymitis easily, and make it more difficult to be cured.

Secondly, patients with epididymitis can not eat bamboo shoots. If we eat bamboo shoots at ordinary times, it is very beneficial for our health, which can help us to clear heat and reduce phlegm, and will help us to treat edema. However, male friends with epididymitis who eat too many bamboo shoots are more likely to experience pain and discomfort, even bleeding problems. The severity of epididymitis will be increased due to the intake of bamboo shoots, which should be avoided as far as possible.

You should also know there are still many foods that should be avoided when suffering from epididymitis. Patients should not eat spicy food, because many of these foods can be endothermic. After overeating these foods, it is likely to cause dysuria and sympathetic overexcitement, making the inflammation symptoms more prominent and causing more pain to the patient.

Herb doctors often say that patients with epididymitis should not eat stimulating food, such as pig's feet, fish soup, mutton and others. These foods contain a lot of fat, which may make the disease more serious and promote the spread of inflammation, eventually inducing worse symptoms and other diseases. Besides, foods rich in cholesterol may contribute to increased inflammation, which should not be eaten as well.

Diet should be more reasonable and scientific based on your condition. If you have many questions, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor. In general, to better treat epididymitis, timely treatment is also important. Herbal medicine Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill is often recommended to patients with epididymitis. It has no side effects and can effectively improve male urogenital system after a long-term treatment.

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