I understand the need for hemorrhoids home treatment. After all, having hemorrhoids (also known as piles) or bleeding bowel movement is not at all a pleasant state to be in.

While a trip to your own doctor is a must, there are some instances when you're too embarrassed to have "it" checked and you want to try curing your condition on your own.

Read on to learn about possible hemorrhoids home treatment.

1) Don't Make Your Situation Any Worse.

If you already have an irritated anus, you need to be more careful with it. Don't use tissues of rough quality. Instead, switch to a better brand (and moisten it with water), baby wipes or something of that sort.

Don't wipe at it so roughly either. Wipe yourself clean as if you were the most fragile thing on earth. Be gentle as you blot yourself clean.

2) Avoid Perfumed Soaps.

Taking a bath is a must, but it's important that you avoid perfumed soaps or perfumed washes as these may irritate you further.

Try not to use anything with dyes either. After your bath, don't forget to just pat yourself dry. Don't rub yourself clean as you normally would, since that would only make your situation worse.

3) Apply Ice.

Until you can get to a doctor, a dependable hemorrhoids home treatment is ice application. Apply ice to the inflamed area for 10 minutes several times a day, and follow it up with a warm compress for more or less the same amount of time. It's not a cure, but it is a very effective pain reliever.

4) Take Over The Counter Pain Killers.

Having hemorrhoids is a pain; so if you can't stand it, take non-prescriptive pain killers. These can help not only with the pain, but also with the inflammation. Keep in mind, however, that this is not a permanent cure and you should still seek professional help as soon as you can.

5) Wear Loose Clothes.

When dealing with hemorrhoids, it's important that you wear loose-fitting clothes. That way, there would be less pressure on the inflamed area and you won't feel as uncomfortable. It's also advisable for you to wear cotton underwear to prevent irritating the area any more than it already is.

Hemorrhoids home treatment can provide you with relief, but it's still important for you to seek medical or professional help as soon as possible. And as they say, prevention is better than cure. By eating right and having regular bowel movements, you can avoid having to deal with hemorrhoids or piles completely.

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