The trouble with having a telemarketing job is being unable to change your strategy. While you might have detailed scripts to follow, there are a few things you can shake up when trying to convince your potential lead to sign up with you.

Now, we don’t recommend singing them songs, or throwing jokes left and right. But boring introductions and predictable sales scripts just won’t give you what you truly deserve. Do a thorough background check on the company you wish to snag, and use this as leverage within your conversation. Nobody wants to listen to the agent who knows nothing about what they do and how they can augment their sales.

As a number one rule, you want to speak with the top decision makers. Look into their mission and vision, understand their interests, and approach the conversation to work in line with their company goals. With this in mind however, it is important to keep yourself organized. You don’t want to state the wrong information to the right prospect. You need to win them by being aligned with their perspective on success.

Engaging a client means giving them your full attention. Keeping focused will help you acquire the leads you need. Make every call with a goal in mind and you most definitely succeed. In fact, when your mind is focused, rejection will not sway you.

Lastly, pushy telephone agents are never appreciated. So keep your integrity by delivering the right message. Speak their language and have a strong grasp of product knowledge. Knowledge is accessible to everyone these days, and the last thing people need to hear are the things they can learn about by reading a 200 word article. Again, innovation and mastery are key.

So next time you make a call, be sure to do the research, muster the courage to insert a new strategy, focus on the business you want to team up with, and master the service of your company. Good luck!

Author's Bio: 

Matt Hallaran is an Outsourcing Specialist, Founder and CEO of Sidekiiks Outsourcing Solutions a BPO company. Sidekiiks supports entrepreneurs and SME’s with an array of cost effective business services that help their clients grow and become more productive. Matt is an avid outdoorsmen with keen interests in sailing, snowboarding and mountain biking. Above all, Matt has a passion for traveling and educating people how they can work efficiently and often from anywhere when leveraging the power of the Internet and virtual work teams.