There are 4 known best tips to help save my marriage. The steps are very practical and simple to apply and i tell you these are all inexpensive steps. These are more like a common sense. Yet, there are still a lot of couples who disregard the need of doing these.

• The very first thing that you need to do is to avoid frequent fights. When your partner has a habit that you want to change him, just let him be and let go of it. By doing such letting go approach, you can actually benefit from it as well as your spouse. Remember, in order for you to help save marriage, you must have the initiative to let things go. You may never know but your spouse may also trying to practice such way just like you. But, even if two of you are not in good terms but still want to save the marriage, one among you is trying to keep the calmness and peace in the relationship. So if your spouse insists that your dress is black and the truth is it's dark violet, do not argue, think of the dress as black instead and let it go. The real point here in this first step is the most important thing in the situation is to make everything possible to save the marriage than minding each other not to commit a mistake.

• The next step to take is to date as if it's your first time. In marriage, always treat each other as good as new; go out and date once a while, i tell you it will help. Some may find it difficult to do because they are are in the relationship for quite too long and dating for them is just a waste of money and time. When the relationship is still fresh, we have different perception with our partner. The first stage of the relationship is the most exciting and you have the best feeling of love and affection. After a while that freshness wears off and we start to get bored. It is surely a routine and some call it boring and predictable. If you want to help save marriage, then make sure it isn’t as boring and predictable as it has been. Surprise your partner with a special date night (and make sure you can reschedule, just in case they can’t go).

• LOVE like it's your last. We all have things that make us happiest. It can bring joy for some to be told and reminded that they are remembered and loved. Some love the sweet gestures shown to them like offering a blanket when cold. Some always consider cooking and preparing a meal as a way of love while others find solitude and happiness when told "i love you". The bottom line here is that your love for your partner will be doubled when you do things that make them happy.

• Be affectionate to your spouse all the time or even without fail. Love and marriage are not just about sex, but never disregard it because it is a need. If you really want to help save marriage successfully, hugging and kissing your partner most of the time without any reason at all are of great help.

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Johnny Wayne personally believes that all relationship can be saved but it all depends on how much effort is being put in. You can find out more about our Save My Marriage Today Review and the tips on how to Bring Back a Lost Love.