Many house buyers comprehend that investing wealth in a repossessed house is a good system to make money and, what with the monetary decline projected to endure through 2011, there will be heaps of chances around. And, in actual fact, buying and selling property is no different to buying and selling any other commodity. One caveat, though, don’t trust everything you read! Businesses who promise you properties at, say, 70% below market value (BMV) are ‘having a laugh!
As is all too obvious, we are at present in a depressed property market, which should be excellent for repossessions.
There will be further ‘distressed’ sales around, that is individuals who find themselves in monetary hard times are prone to surrender and give up on their mortgage, consequently putting an extra repossessed home on the market.
Nevertheless, there will be a smaller chance of you selling-on your good buy, regardless of how well you have revamped it. All things considered, a property is only worth what the consumer is able to pay.
Nonetheless, there is still wealth to be made, without doubt as the market perks up from 2012 onwards you will be in an improved position to sell any bargain-basement repossessed property you buy this year.
The Buy-to-Let Market
All the up-to-date figures show a rise in the buy-to-let market, which rose by 7% last year (2010). And given the enduring financial pressures it is feasible that the figure will rise once again in 2011.
But, as with any mushrooming market, prices are being pushed down. Typical rents have fallen by 0.3% from early this year – the standard rent, by the way, is £682 per calendar month. But, monthly rents are still 4% higher than they were last year.
It’s as well to remember that the buy-to-let sector is not legally straightforward – which is probably why loans for buy-to-let aren’t widely offered. There are some dedicated lenders but they are few-and-far between. This doesn’t mean that buying a repossessed property to let is not feasible, what it means is that you will need to find but-to-let specialist.
And there is no need to be concerned that you are making money on the back of somebody else’s misfortune; not all bargain properties are repossessions. There are many reasons why a property might be in that category.
For instance company relocations: bosses who need to relocate workers often pay well to rush the process. This principle allows the original property to be presented at below market value.
Moreover there are probate properties: if an individual acquires a property as part of a will, they will occasionally make the decision to put the property up for sale as soon as possible to rush the process.

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