In today's business climate, many people are choosing to become self-employed. Self-employment can take many forms, but for those who choose to leave Corporate America to become holistic practitioners, the idea of committing to an entirely new career in their field can be intimidating.

I personally know many people who have chosen to work full-time in the fields of massage or reiki therapy, intuitive practices, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and writing or speaking about similar topics. A few have some business skills, but for many, their love of helping people grow and heal is stronger than their knowledge of business.

Thoreau said, "If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them." These practitioners and teachers have built beautiful castles: They have wonderful intentions and useful, helpful talents. But they often have no idea how to actually make a business out of these skills. The idea of websites, marketing materials, social media profiles, and the like, can make them want to hide under the bed!

This is where a Virtual Assistant can come into play. Use of a Virtual Assistant means you have no payroll, no taxes, no insurances, no commitments - in short, no overhead! VAs will charge you only for the time they spend working for you. Some choose to work by contract with only a few long-term clients. Some choose to work on a freelance or on-demand basis.

There are many online listings to find a good match for you, rather like using a dating service! For instance, LinkedIn has a Virtual Assistant group, and there is , as well as other online resources. The key to finding someone to help your specific industry is to do a good keyword search within these forums. If you are a massage therapist working either from home or from your own studio, you may look for VAs with experience handling a medical office. You may be launching a book on energy healing - look for someone with a publishing or marketing background. If you are an astrologer or intuitive, look for someone with a spiritual background.

In considering a VA, do a detailed interview not only on their background, ethics and mindset, but also on their business skills. A VA's intention may be wonderful and fit well with your field, but if their skills or experience are limited they may not help you grow your business the way you'd like. Be sure the person understands small business: marketing, social media, client management, basic bookkeeping, and so on. The key is to find a good match to take the business end of your work off your shoulders, and let them "build your foundations." Create your castle, and thrive in it!

Author's Bio: 

Holly Matson is an author and Virtual Assistant who, after a layoff, created her own business ( Her background of over 20 years in the corporate world means that her clients can rely on her experience to help them grow. Holly's specialty is in working with holistic/spiritual people in a variety of fields, and she is currently writing a book to teach other Virtual Assistants how best to support these fields. She is also the editor of, an online resource for inspiration and information.