Sometimes when a person dies suddenly in an accident or even gently in sleep from an illness, that person may not realize what has happened. They may not know that they have actually left their physical body behind and are in the spirit world. It seems to them that they just woke from a regular sleep. They feel the same and just like they always do. They may be noticing differences, especially that most people seem to be ignoring them, and others seem to be dressed strangely or even be more confused than they are. Some may appear injured or upset about where their loved ones are. But what they have in common is the fact that they have left the earthly realm and are now in spirit. They are in a kind of limbo. Without accepting that they are passed from their former earthly life they are wandering the plane that is in spirit but is still connected to their former life with such a strong belief that they have not moved on to a better or higher level or dimension.

Belief is the key to our experience. I can share many things about the spirit world and belief is a major benefit if we believe in the love and light of grace. It can also hold us back in a sad and darkened state if we believe that that is all there is, or worse things await. Since we get to decide, I can not stress how important it is to make it loving and beautiful. Nothing is unforgivable and all can be heavenly and divine, if we believe all is possible.

I have over the years crossed many lost souls over to the heavenly realm of light and love. This realm is one of beauty and healing, and learning and simply being in joy. Many loved ones, family and friends await everyone in this place, upon arrival. It is our true home, and we will feel that pretty quickly upon accepting the love and allowing ourselves to enter the light.

In just one example of the help I have given in the wee hours, I awoke from sleep in the middle of the night and sat up to sip a bit of water. I was still groggy and was thinking that I would just quickly return back to sleep. I suddenly found myself in my same room but wide awake and standing up. I was surrounded by several people. It happened so fast that I was a little confused. Especially when I took more careful note of what these people looked like. First I noticed two uniformed police officers that clearly had been shot in the line of duty. To me they were obviously dead… as in, not in body. Then looking around there were several people that were in clothing definitely not from this time period. An array of different eras were accounted for. I barely had registered that I too was out of body for the moment, when a young girl about seven or eight years old came up closer and simply said to me,

“Can you help us get to heaven?”

It was then perfectly clear that I was to help them all cross over to the higher realms. I quickly in my mind called in the light of divine source, and instantly the most tremendous flash of pure white light almost blinded us and then the room was empty as I stood alone, and just as quickly was back without knowing how into my body in the bed. They all crossed over into that beautiful place of our true home. Believe it is real, because it is.

~Debora Christy Love

Author's Bio: 

Debora Christy Love A near death experience at a young age began Debora's awakened spiritual journey. Debora is clairvoyant and tunes in to energy fields and spirit for messages that will assist you in your daily life. Working at their home business of Barrie Spiritual, Services & Classes, Debora shares spiritual insight in her client readings and empowers others to be happy, healthy and free within themselves. Debora is a certified Hypnotist and Past Life Regressionist. Debora also practices as a Quantum Touch practitioner and Reiki Master, Teacher. Debora enjoys creating art and music. Her music and song album Love Will Find A Way is available where music downloads are available and is author of There Is Love, My Near Death Experience And Beyond, Available on Amazon, both paperback and kindle.