This morning I received a message from my spiritual guides and the masters of the light who guide my path.
They ask me to share it with you I hope you will enjoy it.
With much love to you

Dear one,

We are here to remind you of who you really are and the main reason you chose to experience your life on planet earth. Plant earth is the school of love on a planetary level, which is why so many souls stand in line to receive the gift of experiencing life on this planet. Each and every soul was so excited to come to this planet because they wanted to experience more then anything the beautiful sensation of the energy of love.

We are here to remind you how much you wanted to feel the experience of being loved and being in love; the experience of having an open heart that beats hard and strong, a heart full of love and desire to serve and support one another, a heart full of joy that desires to celebrate one another’s existence.

We are here to remind you to open your heart as wide as you can. You should look all around to see who needs your support, then open your heart to the one who need to feel your love more then anything

We are here to remind you that if you remember who you are and allow yourself to be the love that you are you will experience a joy that you can’t even imagine now.

We are here to remind you to live in your heart, and to start any action in your life from a heart center. The first thing you should do when you wake up in the morning is to connect with your heart. Don’t start your day before you connected your heart to yourself and to the world. As soon as you step outside of your front door and during your drive to work, instead of thinking of all the things you have to do and who made you upset yesterday, you will choose to focus on raising the energy of love around you. Think about all the things that make you happy and whatever you love in your life. Give gratitude for them and start your day.

Choose to do only acts that come from love and not acts that come from fear, greed judgment and the ego. Whenever you catch yourself acting from those places, please shift your awareness back to your heart, take a deep breath, connect to your heart and choose again.

Dear one, any pain, frustration or fear that you are currently experiencing in your life is because you disconnected from your heart You chose to come to planet earth to learn to love and give love no matter what you experience.

If you are experiencing any challenges in your life right now, ask yourself how this challenge is providing you with the opportunity to learn more about love and how you can connect to love in a deeper way through this experience.

Life on planet earth is the most exciting and fulfilling experience when you choose to live and act moment by moment from your heart.

Here is a heart connection exercise to help you start and close your day from the heart and raise the energy of love in you and in your world:

Begin every morning by thinking about what you LOVE in your life. From the first moment you open your eyes, your mind usually starts thinking about what you need to do that day, Shift your awareness to what you love and say it out loud to yourself – for example “I love waking up in the morning, I love my beautiful hair, I love the color of polish I have on my fingers nails this week –it makes me smile, I love my brother - he is such an amazing soul, and so on and so on. Also, before you go to sleep at night, count the ten things you have loved that day. For example, “I love the new job I got today, I love my girlfriend - we had so much fun having lunch together today, I love the deep conversation I had with my husband today and so on and so on

The more you do this, the more energy vibrations of love you will bring into your life. And isn't that what you desire the most?

With much love given to you
Sharon Cohen
Transforming fear into love

Author's Bio: 

Sharon Cohen is a healer , a self awareness coach, a speaker, and a channel of a new healing methodology called The Tree of Life Healing.

17 years ago Sharon began the path of practicing personal power through an extensive quest, both external and internal. From the East to the West, she has profound multi - cultural understandings of human nature.

In addition to academic studies, she continues to cultivate her spiritual interests and callings through a number of practices, such as:
Certificate in Reiki level 1,2,3,
2 year study of the energies of unconditional love and self- awareness,
2 year study of psychotherapy of the 7 chakras,
and 1 year study of Kabala healing and new age knowledge.

By the end of those studies she began channeling a magical healing technique called the “Tree of life healing” where she helps her followers transform their fears through a unique energy balance technique that balance the 10 parts of the soul, connect and activate the power with in and alien with the original blue print of their life purpose.
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