Strawberries are amongst the most popular fruits in the world. They have been eaten for centuries and have been known for their health benefits.

Strawberries are very nutritious containing many valuable nutrients. They are a rich source of Vitamin A and Vitamin C. Strawberries are high in carbohydrates and dietary fibre. They also contain protein. Strawberries are a viable source of Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Selenium, iodine and Folate.

The Strawberry is from the rose family, Rosaceae. Its Botanical name is Fragaria ananassa. Various cross breeding between strawberry species has developed the strawberry commonly known today.

The strawberry is unique in that the seeds are born on the outside of the fruit rather than on the inside of the fleshy pulp such as with raspberries.

Strawberries are known for their high level of ORAC units. ORAC is short for Oxygen Radical Absorbency Capacity. An ORAC measurement is a rating of the Antioxidant power of a substance. Antioxidants can neutralise oxygen free radicals. If a substance can absorb more free radicals it gets a higher ORAC rating.

Many nutritional experts recommend we consume at least 5000 ORAC units per day to reduce free radical damage.

1 cup of fresh fruit or vegetables contains around 20% of the recommended 5000 ORAC units we need per day. Very few people would consume 5 cups of fruit or vegetables per day. This is why supplementation is often required to deliver a higher intake of Antioxidants.

Strawberries, through their high ORAC levels can assist Brain function and may help reduce memory loss as we age through prevention in earlier life. Strawberries may assist with vision by providing nutrients the eyes need to function normally as well as preventing a build up of free radicals causing damaging effects to the eyes and vision.

Arthritis sufferers may find relief by including Strawberries along with other ORAC fruits in the diet or by including an ORAC high supplement in a regular diet.

Antioxidants can assist in the prevention of cancers. Strawberries and other Fruits high in Antioxidants can have a preventative effect on the development of cancers.

The Potassium and Magnesium content in Strawberries makes them an ideal assistant in lowering high blood pressure which can be caused by high sodium foods in the diet.

Strawberries with their high Folate levels are an excellent food for women to eat when planning for pregnancy and during the first few months of pregnancy.

Commercial strawberry growers tend to use a lot of chemicals in the growing process. If you can find a local organic grower or better still grow your own.

Any health related topics have been included based on a long-term research into this area. None of the medical information listed should be considered a cure for any illness. Nothing listed here should take the place of advice given to you by your family Doctor.

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