Barley grass is botanically recognised as Hordeum vulgare from the plant family Poaceae. As a member of the grain family it is grown extensively as a feed or fodder for livestock. It is also grown for its grain which is used both as a feed or fodder grain and for human consumption. Malted Barley grain is used as a base for beer and other beverages. It is also a highly regarded health food and supplement.

Barley grass has a history almost as old as time itself. It is believed to be one of if not the first cereal crops ever cultivated for agricultural purposes. Early writings of the Egyptians have its cultivation dated back to before 2000BC. It is believed the Chinese were cultivating barley around the same time.

Health Benefits
Barley grass is high in copper, manganese, potassium and zinc. It is high in B group vitamins and a rich source of vitamin C. Barley grass is high in chlorophyll.

Barley grass is often consumed as a raw drink. It is also available in a capsule format as well as powder. Barley grass is an ideal home grown substitute, which can be grown indoors. You can literally grow it in a container in the kitchen. Growing it yourself you know there has been no chemicals used so you are eating an organic product.

Research has shown Barley grass juice can contain more than 40% protein. This protein is derived completely from plant material it contains no animal fats. Barely grass would therefore be an ideal meat substitute to vegans and vegetarians.

There is evidence that shows barley grass juice may assist in prevention against heart disease and strokes. Stimulating blood flow, it may prevent blood clots that lead to heart problems. Keeping blood veins clear and open may assist in the prevention of strokes. It’s ability to lower cholesterol and blood pressure is also noted.

Bowel cleansing and improved digestive function is another quality of Barley Grass. It is also used as a detoxifier and cleanser for the kidney and liver functions.

Continual consumption of refined and processed foods leads to a diet lacking in many areas. Over a period of time the body begins to treat food like a foreign body. Food can be flushed from the system before nutrients are absorbed into the system. A bit like pouring water through a pipe that has been coated in grease. Barley grass and other chlorophyll rich juices and supplements may assist in the absorption of nutrients into the body.

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