A Berry similar in size and colour of the Blueberry, the acai berry contains a large single seed in the middle of a fleshy pulp. Acai Berry is a Native to the Amazon Rainforest.

A member of the Arecaceae family, the Acai Berry is Botanically recognised as Euterpe oleracea. The berry is born on Palm Trees in a similar way to Bananas.

Natives of the Amazon rainforest are believed to have used the Acai Berry for its nutrition and Antioxidant properties for more than 200 years. The Deep dark colour of the Acai Berry hides wealth of Health benefits through its antioxidants, which can halt and reverse the damage caused by free radicals. Native Americans would use the Acai Berry to treat Bloating, Gas and Flatulence. The Acai Berry was used to increase energy levels. It is also known for treating Sexual Dysfunctions.

The Acai Berry is a POWERFUL source of Antioxidants, and that’s putting it mildly. It contains ten times more Antioxidants than Grapes and at least double that of Blueberries.

The Acai Berry has been noted for its effects on Weight loss, though this has been negated by some researchers. None the less, it is a powerful source of nutrients.

The Antioxidant rich berry is often used in Natural health products, Smoothies, Ice creams and Energy bars.

Some of the many benefits of Acai Berry include:

- The Acai Berry contains fibre. High fibre diets help to aid digestion allowing for a more efficient removal of waste from the intestines.

- An increase in strength can be achieved with the consumption of the Acai Berry with improvement in muscle and bone strength. Acai Berry Fights against the pain, inflammation and discomfort associated with arthritis.

- Acai Berry can aid in weight loss by reduces stores of fat while controlling cholesterol in the body.

- Consumption of high Antioxidant foods like Acai Berry can assist with reducing blood sugar levels and increase and maintain the delivery of energy.

- Acai Berry contains antiaging properties, which can improve the condition and appearance of hair and skin, keeping you looking and feeling younger.

- An improvement in mental function and an increased capacity to think clearly have been noted with an increased use of Acai Berry.

- A high level of potassium in Acai Berry is thought to maintain a healthy blood pressure level especially relating to an increased level of sodium in the diet.

Any health related topics have been included based on a long-term research into this area. None of the medical information listed should be considered a cure for any illness. Nothing listed here should take the place of advice given to you by your family Doctor.

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