Have you ever felt that you had to go to the hospital while you are traveling abroad? You probably know that it was not cheap to do so. Not to mention that it is a new country, one with a totally different culture, language, and healthcare system.

There are many people who prefer to go back to their own home country while they were abroad to continue their treatment. But what about it is something that can not be postponed, and it is of a life or death situation?

While you may have health insurance in the united states or whatever country that you live in, you must understand that most private health insurance plans are not valid when traveling internationally. This includes government funded programs such as Medicare, Medicaid any others.

In addition, the vast majority of countries require foreign nationals to purchase health insurance valid in that country as a pre-condition for an entry.

If you require a visa to enter your destination country, then you are generally required to have health insurance as a part of your visa application process.

To ensure that you are ready for health insurance 2020, in this article, we will be talking about the importance of having health insurance while you are traveling.

Travel health coverage generally falls under three categories:

1.Travel health insurance

It is standard health insurance and pays for routine medical services. Overseas travelers most commonly purchase this type of health insurance because it covers the vast majoriy of cases.

<>b2. Medical evacuation insurance

This covers emergency medical transportation out of a given country.
It is ideal for travelers who are going to remote regions where local medical care is not readily available, cruise ship passengers since ships at sea only have basic medical facilities, and also travelers going to developing countries where health care facilities might be low in quality and often specialized type of care is not provided.

3. Accident insurance

This provides coverage should you suffer from a serious illness or injury. Accident insurance also provides coverage should you die overseas and wish to offset the costs of burial.

This type of insurance is ideal for travelers who are going to be engaged in a dangerous physical activity, those who worry about being maimed or killed in an accident, or those who do not have life insurance or those whose life insurance is invalid when they are planning to travel.

It is important to note that travel insurance is different from travel health insurance. Travel insurance targets travelers who are worried about other problems that may occur in the overseas trip such as theft, lost or delayed baggage, and even transportation cancellation. A travel health insurance meanwhile incorporates a health insurance component in their overall plan.

The most important thing to look for when you are travelling is to gauge your health, travel itinerary and planned activities.

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