The health benefits of bananas are numerous. They're healthy for the body, inside and out! They can improve body functions plus skin, hair and scalp. conditions. The edible inside portion and outer peel both provide healthful benefits.

The banana plant is a large herbaceous flowering plant with spiral shaped leaves. It's main stem can grow, approximately, twenty feet tall. It is often mistaken for a tree but has no woody parts. It thrives in hot and sunny conditions, although afternoon shade is welcome. Their large leaves can tear, easily, in high winds. Bunches of bananas are produced in large hanging clusters. The banana peel is the outer protective layer of the inner edible portion.


Lowers blood pressure
Reduces risk of arteriosclerosis
Reduces risk of heart attack
Aids digestion; relieve constipation
Maintains calcium; prevents weak bones
Lessens the probability of kidney cancer
Aids cardiovascular disease
Aids proper nervous system function
Relieves heartburn
Relieves morning sickness
Reduces risk of strokes
Protects Eyes; reduces risk of age related macular degeneration
Protects against stomach ulcers
Improves mood; contains tryptophan which converts to serotonin
Has high potassium and iron content


Eat whole bananas, use blended in a smoothie, use on a peanut butter sandwich or sliced across your favorite cereal! banana can be used a variety of ways! Ripe bananas can be placed in the refrigerator. To quicken the ripening process place them in a paper bag or wrap in newspaper with an apple. Unripe bananas should be stored at room temperature, not too hot or cold. Bananas should be firm and free from bruises, dark spots, or marks. They should have a bright appearance. They can be frozen and kept for, approximately, two months. When storing, just remove the peel and cover in plastic wrap. Bananas have higher calories compared to other fruits, so eat a conservative healthy portion.

SKIN CARE: Anti-bacterial, Antioxidants, Anti-aging, Anti-inflammatory, Detoxify

Bananas have a variety of skin care benefits. Rubbing the inside of the peel on skin can aid a variety of skin conditions. Get rid of blackheads. The anti-bacterial property and high potassium content makes them ideal for treating acne prone skin. The spread of bacteria in skin cells is diminished allowing pimples or blemishes to heal at a faster rate, so you can have acne relief. They have antioxidants benefits and minerals soothing for psoriasis and eczema. Their anti-aging properties help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles while preventing reformation. Their anti-inflammatory properties are soothing for dry itchy skin, such as poison ivy. They help to detoxify the body, increase skin circulation, boost collagen levels and have the benefits of vitamin C. They provide for a an overall youthful, fresh looking, smoother, glowing appearance. The benefits of bananas and banana oil are numerous!


Bananas or banana oil helps the hair and scalp conditions, as much as the skin. Whether used in commercial or homemade shampoo, it can soften hair, increase elasticity, moisturize, increase hair shine, prevent split ends and helps to get rid of dandruff. It helps to retain moisture on the scalp, aiding dryness and flakiness. It contains nutrients, vitamins and minerals to promote overall, healthful, manageability of hair.

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