Set aside for a moment whether an incident is major or very minor. It doesn't matter. Whatever it is that creates such sadness or despair that you just want to cry, it is all the same and very real, no matter how large or small the circumstance that brings it on.

Where is God when all these things are happening? You have asked for help, you have opened your heart for healing, but still, no answers seem to present themselves, and you anguish in your circumstance to the point where life has almost no meaning, and you just want to cry -- and maybe even simply leave this place. There are three potential reasons for this to happen in your life, but only one is right. The reasons are: God does not exist, God exists but doesn't care about you, or you really don't believe enough in yourself or God for the changes to happen. Let's look at one.

If God does not exist, that explains a lot. All the effort, all the prayers, all the meditation, all the books, and all the seminars meant nothing, and was simply an attempt to fool yourself into thinking you were not alone and that somewhere there existed a being that desired to be helpful and kind to you. You never asked for a Rolls Royce or for earrings dripping with diamonds. You just asked for help finding a steady job that you would like, or having better grade food to eat, or simply being able to pay your bills so that you would have some peace of mind.

If there is no God, then the only thing really wrong with your life is that you may have been expecting somebody or something else to help you, instead of helping yourself. For each circumstance where you were not sure what to do, while expecting God to help you, nothing happened, and you would just sit there wondering why you were not getting ahead, and it was always because you were waiting for somebody or something else to walk with you and help you, but that's all a lie and never did happen and never will happen. You've played the part of the fool, and the state of your life is all the proof anyone needs to confirm that yes, you are a fool.

Alternatively, If God does exist, but simply doesn't care about you, that's even worse than if God did not exist in the first place, because now you stand abandoned in this world, with no real hope for help. It isn't that your cries are not heard, it's simply that they land on deaf ears. Depending upon your religious beliefs there may be any number of hundreds of reasons why God simply ignores your cries for help. Some common issues consist of being unworthy of his attention, failing to meet your obligations to Him, following a belief that is not the one true belief, sins from your past, ignoring Him until things go bad, and failing to meet the conditions set for his approval of you.

No matter which condition is the one whereby God is ignoring you, the effects are the same, your life is in shambles and you have nowhere to turn. You are damned if you do and damned if you don't because no matter why God may be ignoring you, nothing ever makes it clear to you as to what specific thing you are doing wrong that has lead him to ignore you, so there is no way to ever truly resolve it. You can spend a lifetime guessing, trying idea after idea, hoping to come across that final thing whereby you will get Gods approval so that he will stop ignoring you and start to help you.

Alternatively, there's the final possible reason God does not seem to be helping you and that is if you really don't believe enough in yourself or God for the changes to happen. Although this can be confused with the possibility that God is ignoring you, it is not the same. There is a difference between being in a circumstance where God is holding out on you, versus a situation where the answers are all provided, but you are just not letting them through. In this case, you have already met the only condition God has for you, and that is that he created you. Other than that, nothing you feel lacking for has anything to do with God's choice, but only with yours.

There is so much power in both realizing and putting into effect the idea that all your issues and troubles can be resolved the moment you truly allow them to be. This places all the power of your life in your hands, and this means you have full control. Nobody is pulling your strings, nothing is holding you back, it is and always has been up to you to allow the changes to occur. The first obvious response is always, 'That can't be true. Having spent a lifetime fighting these things, why would I purposely not be allowing them to be resolved. That's ridiculous'. But consider this, is it any more ridiculous than to think that our all loving God is complicating your circumstance as compared to considering that you are? Now don't get me wrong, this has nothing at all to do with blame, but only on finding the real source of the problems that you cannot seem to resolve. And that's the key, being willing to look at the real source and let it go.

A Course In Miracles states, 'I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience, and I decide upon the goal I would achieve. And everything that seems to happen to me, I ask for, and receive as I have asked'. Basically this means that we are receiving what we are asking for, so apparently, if our lives are not happy, peaceful and abundant, we have been asking for something else, but what, and how could we not see this?

The reason is also an answer. We are extremely powerful beings and we can easily, without even being aware of it, create circumstances based upon what we believe, but the issue as to why things do not appear so, is because we are often basing our choices due to fear of one thing or another, and that taints the results of our experience. If you fear being alone, and therefore ask to find a loving partner, the asking is not in line with your motivation, because your motivation is saying you are afraid to be alone, which means you believe you will be alone, and you experience what you believe, even though the words of your asking sounded differently, it is the hearts focus that initiates the question that determines the results and experience you will have.

Now imagine, instead of responding unconsciously to our fears and bringing about a reality based upon that, consider the possibility of consciously making choices based upon love and bringing about a reality based upon that. The results can and will be dramatically different and life changing, and not just for you, but for everyone else in creation, because you are not alone and you are not disconnected, no matter how appearance might prove otherwise.

OK, this is all words, so let's get down to business and heal what has been plaguing you. You know what it is, that thing that most deeply concerns you and appears to be the reason for the pit in your stomach while you lay awake at night. Let's fix that right now. You can do this, you the creative child of a creative God can do this and it is not as hard to believe as you might have thought if you can accept that your reality is already based upon what you have chosen, you already believe this might be possible. The only shift necessary is to change where your motivation originates.

Inside you is everything. There is no force outside you at all. Nothing is outside you. This includes God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit as well. None of them are outside you because you are a part of them as much as they are a part of you and you are all one in the same, and none are outside of the other.

When an issue is perceived as a need, its foundation is built on ideas of lack, which is simply an extension of fear. Needs can only be met through fear, so to ask for them to be fixed, confirms your belief in the lack, so instead, you turn the word around from being a need to being a focus, and believe an answer exists. Now picture the thing you want resolved, and forget for a moment why you want it resolved. Let it just be a name or idea of the result you desire. For example, if you feel you need a job, extend only the thought of job or employment. If you feel you have an illness, focus only on the thought of health. If you are lonely, focus only on the thought of happiness or togetherness. This first step changes your focus from a perceived need into a chosen direction, by seeing and envisioning the end result.

Because we are all one with God and all creation, a loving, mutually beneficial answer exists, so take that thought and literally place it on your chest over your heart and open yourself to the inner you, and let yourself envision the light of eternity shining and blazing through it. Join with Jesus and Spirit and extend this light towards your desired result. Focus the light on your thought. Focus all the love inside, love beyond what you can fathom yet, so don't try to understand it, simply let the light flow and empower your thought and believe there is an answer. Know there is an answer, and choose to join with that thought by walking into the light of your vision and you will receive as you have allowed.

Take a moment then to relax and extend the thought of gratitude, not just to God or Spirit, but to and for everything. Extend thoughts of gratitude and finish by saying, 'Thank-you, and so it is'.


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David Nelmes - David is a Reiki Master, author and teacher who has a genuine and powerful sense of healing, teaching and writing. His desire to share his knowledge about energy work has manifested itself through his web site's services, courses and articles, and they are a testimony to the quality and power of what he has to share. His favorite phrase is, "I am here only to be truly helpful." This is a phrase from A Course in Miracles that he has strived to live by. David's happy goal is to share what he has learned and continues to learn. He extends peace and blessings to all.

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