He Left Me For Someone Else But Says He Loves Me: Why Did He Leave Me For Another Woman

"He left me for someone else but says he still loves me." There are so many things wrong with that statement. If you're the woman saying it, you already know that. When your boyfriend dumps you it's already a difficult experience. If you still love him and you then find out that his motivation for wanting out was another woman you can add anger and confusion to the list of emotions you're feeling. It's challenging to listen to him telling you he still cares for you when he's clearly moved on with someone else. If you love him you're faced with a big decision. Do you try and forget about him and leave him to his new girl or do you work on getting him back with you?

It's highly likely that if your boyfriend left you for someone else yet he still claims to love you, he's looking at you as a backup. Men who say this tend to do it once they realize their new relationship can't measure up to the old one. They want to hold onto their ex girlfriend and essentially keep her waiting in the wings so when things go sour with the new girlfriend, the old one will be sitting patiently waiting. You do not want to put yourself in that position with any man.

What if he has moved on? Here's how to get him back.

Even if you still desperately love him and wish he could be yours right now, don't allow him to treat you in this way. If he does contact you often to say that he loves you, stop taking those calls. Let it go to voicemail. If he's sending you text messages or emails expressing those same sentiments, don't address it, other than to write him back and wish him well. If you don't ignore his proclamations of undying love and devotion to you, you're going to end up having an affair with him.

If he's still with her and just as persistent with telling you that he still cares for you, tell him that you want to be respectful of his new relationship so you'd rather he kept those feelings to himself. Hopefully you can say this to him in person because the look on his face will be priceless. He'll be shocked that you're not going to keep waiting for him to leave her.

Many men play this type of game because it feeds into their ego. He probably does have very strong feelings for you still but if they were as deep and overwhelming as he claims, he would have left his current girlfriend to be with you again. If you want him back, allow that relationship to run its course. You don't want to become a third party to it. If you do and you two do eventually end up back together, his current girlfriend will always be a factor, even long after she's walked out of his life.

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Regardless of how much you love someone, you can get so caught up in everyday life that you don't see the signals they're sending you. Your man might have been telling you, in his own way, for a very long time, that he is no longer happy.

Yet, when he walks out that door, you are in shock. It's even worse when you find out there is someone else. "How could he?" you ask yourself. "Why did he leave me for another woman?"

The truth is that he didn't leave you for another woman. If you have the feeling he's not telling you the real reason he left, you may very well be right.

He may think he's sparing your feelings. Or, he might not want to deal with your reaction. Maybe, he doesn't even know what the real reason is. He only knows that he isn't happy.

A man needs to be admired, respected, and appreciated by someone of the opposite sex. If he's not getting it from you, he will look somewhere else. That might sound harsh. Especially if that's where you are right now.

It doesn't have to be the end. But, if you plan on making an effort to get him back, it is vital that you know every step of your strategy before you begin.

Again, when you ask yourself, why did he leave me for another woman, understand that he left you because he craves the interest and admiration that you once showed him.

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With all the tasks of daily life, you likely stopped wearing make up and sexy clothes. You no longer did all the little things you used to do to stroke his ego. To him, that translates to your lack of interest and desire for him.

We all need to feel appreciated and admired. But, when a man doesn't feel respected, admired, and wanted, he thinks that you are dissatisfied with him. Your dissatisfaction means that he is incapable of making you happy.

Believe it or not, knowing that he makes you happy is one of his greatest desires. If he can't do that, he doesn't feel like he's doing his job as a man. Take away his manhood and he will find a way to restore it.

Of course, there are other reasons why relationships end. One of the partners might have cheated. This leads to a lack of trust. Yet, even in these cases, appreciation is many times at the root.

I don't know the specifics of your relationship. If you or your partner have been unfaithful, you will have to take a deeper look at the situation to get a better understanding of why it occurred. Only then can you decide whether reconciliation is the right choice.

If so, it is heartening to know that many people who were certain there was no hope, have gone on to build a much stronger bond than they had before the breakup. In fact, many couples have been able to turn things around and build a strong relationship after an affair.

The fact that you are willing to ask, why did he leave me for another woman, indicates your ability to face the answers and make the necessary changes to win back the love of your ex.

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You and your significant other decide it was best to take some time off? Let's face it, most times that decision is pretty one sided, and it's rarely our decision. They make the call, say it's for the best, and move on, leaving you wondering what you did wrong and how you can win them back. Well, here are some tips that can help you with that.

Show them what they're missing

So they want some time to themselves, maybe to explore other options. That's fine, but you have to show them that the grass isn't always greener on the other side of the fence. Remind them of what they gave up on. Wear their favorite perfume or cologne, or that shirt they love you in so much. Show them there's no need to go out and look for what is already right here.

Play hard to get

A lot of us fall victim to this. We answer they're calls as if we're sitting by the phone just waiting for them to call. And, quite honestly, most times we are. But the more accessible you are, the easier it is for them to take advantage of that. If they call, don't answer the phone. Let it go to voicemail. If they come by, don't come to the door. Let them wonder where you are.

Make them jealous

They're not the only ones who can go out and have a good time. Maybe it's time to go out and spend some time with someone else, even if it is just for appearances. Make sure you go somewhere you know your ex will be. Don't flaunt that you're out with someone new, but make sure they see that you're able to have a good time without them.

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Be supportive

I know this one sounds a little odd, but it works. The last thing you want to do is tell them they made the worst decision ever. Let them know you fully understand why they did it let them know you're there if they need you. This just shows you're okay with the situation, and you're available if they need to talk. If you show support, they'll begin to question why they did it.

Disappear for a while

Don't tell them you're going out of town, or that you have something to do. Just don't come around for a while, don't go to places you know you'll bump into them. Stay off the radar for a few days; let them wonder where you are. After a while they'll begin to wonder if you're okay, and then you'll get a call.

Get friends on your side

Your ex will listen to close friends, but this one is a tricky one as friends can be very loyal and may not want to help. Depending on why you broke up in the first place, a close friend may be willing to put in a good word for you. This will go a long way in their decision to try again or not.

Give them time and space

Sometimes they really do just need a little bit of time to sort things out on their own. Sometimes some time to them to think about everything will do the trick. All you can really do is give them the time they need to think it over, and in most cases, they realize what they're giving up and come back.

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If you're sorry about the break up that you had initiated and now want to make up, there certainly are ways to do so. You will first have to know what's the latest happening in your ex's life and then whether your ex is still inclined towards you or not. So start a conversation.

Perhaps you saw your ex at the doctor's

There's every chance that you saw or heard of your ex's visit to the doctor's. This would be a very valid reason to call and find out if all is well with your ex and her family. This genuine concern from your side would be appreciated by your ex.

You need help

You could call your ex on the pretext that a friend, cousin or relative is visiting. That some place would be required for them to spend the weekend or perhaps be taken out shopping. It would be wonderful if your ex has the time and could help locate a place.

Suggestions to entertain a visiting aunt

An appropriate a reason to make conversation with your ex would be asking suggestions to entertain a visiting aunt over the weekend. Your ex is bound to gladly help and may even agree to accompany you both on your outings.

What if he has moved on? Here's how to get him back.

Refer to some help that your ex needed

Perhaps a common friend may have mentioned that your ex needed some help locating new accommodation. So this is wonderful opportunity to find out if you could help out in any way by either locating something new or putting up your ex temporarily.

Approach your ex if present at a gathering

Nothing could be better than seeing your ex at a gathering. It should be quite easy to break the ice by asking what's the latest in your ex's life, professionally and otherwise? The conversation could even drift to whether your ex has found someone new.

A good chance your ex is still unattached

It's probably a good chance that your ex is still unattached and so you could talk of old times and the exciting things you did together. It will help revive memories and rekindle the sparks that once existed between you both.

You could very well call your ex and meet up

Now that your ex is still single and perhaps still has feelings for you, you could call to meet up for coffee. Select a quiet place and talk things out to find out if your ex would be inclined to renew your relationship. Conversation could do it all.

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