Praise you Lord God, yes it's me, do you remember my voice? Have you been able to see? What nerve have I to ask for a single thing to straighten out this screwed up life, to take me back under your wing? It's been years Dear God and where have I it up, wallowing in sin. I laid down each night and never gave you a second thought, forgetting Calvary and the suffering that it brought. Yes, Lord, it's me, down on my luck again, down on bended knee. How strange it feels to enter and ask once again, please, Lord, be my deliverer, be my friend. How empty and hollow, the years have flown by, but as I look towards Heaven I see a tear in Jesus' eye. He does, he does still care about me, every problem he'll solve. Lord, you really do see!

As I worship and praise you for the first time in years, Almighty God, please help to overcome my fears. For the longest time I've never slept well. I've been wrestling with my emotions, with all my sin, why am I saying this God, you know where I've been. Please Father, I pray you, forgive me this day. I will never lie down again before kneeling to pray. How foolish we are. We are simply made of dust, not seeking your face, swallowed up by every earthly lust. You've spoken to my heart tonight, 'quit trying to win all of life's wars, Jesus has already won that fight.' Thank you, loving Father for remembering my voice and lending your ear, and thank you Jesus, for letting me see into Heaven and see that tear.

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64 year old male living with wife of 43 years, Linda, in Virginia Beach, VA. Formerly served aboard USS America in the Naval Reserve for 6 years and was a Vietnam Veteran. Worked as a Import Manager for two different Customs House Brokerage firms for 6 years. I was a Route Salesman for Pepsi Cola and Mary Jane Bakery for 21 years. Delivered mail for company owned by local newspaper for 5 years. Worked for Target for 9 years in their logistics department. Blessed to have authored two Christian books. Currently own website and blog site