Recently, a friend, Nadia, complained that she and her husband haven't been pregnant for more than two years after marriage. First, she goes to the hospital to check six items of primary sex hormones. And her husband checks the semen, and the results are normal. Start having sex while monitoring ovulation. They tried this for three or four months and still didn't get pregnant.

The doctor suggested a salpingography. Nadia is worried when she hears it. In her cognition, the tubal blockage is mainly caused by induced abortion. But she hasn't had an abortion. Why is the fallopian tube blocked? And another reason why she refused salpingography was that it was painful, so she declined.

The doctor patiently explained the cause of the tubal blockage and gave some knowledge about salpingography. She finally accepted. And the results also showed that she did have a blocked fallopian tube.

Many patients don't know enough about salpingography. Let's popularize those things about salpingography today.

What is the process of a normal pregnancy?

Natural pregnancy requires at least four primary conditions: healthy eggs (female ovaries can ovulate normally); Have normal sperm (the sperm density and vitality of the man's semen are within the normal range according to the routine analysis); The fallopian tube is unobstructed to ensure that the egg can enter the fallopian tube and combine with sperm; The shape of the uterus is standard, and the endometrial environment is good, to ensure the smooth implantation and development of fertilized eggs.

When these four primary conditions are met, people can be fully prepared for pregnancy with healthy seeds and fertile land.

Have not done induced abortion will also have fallopian tube blockage?

Many patients will ask, I have never had an abortion or appendicitis. Why is my fallopian tube blocked? Many reasons can cause tubal abnormalities, mainly caused by inflammation, resulting in hydrosalpinx and pyorrhea. The pathogenic bacteria are bacteria, viruses, protozoa, mycoplasma, etc. Endometriosis can also cause tubal adhesion, resulting in infertility. Infertility caused by hydrosalpinx accounts for 30% of infertility caused by tubal etiology. Therefore, tubal obstruction is not necessarily caused by abortion and drug abortion.

How is salpingography done?

Salpingography can identify the location of fallopian tube obstruction and show the related lesions of the fallopian tube and endometrium and the peristalsis of the fallopian tube. Hysterosalpingography under X-ray: inject a contrast agent into the uterine cavity and fallopian tube through the catheter. X-ray fluoroscopy and radiography can show the size, shape, and uterine contour of the cervical tube and uterine cavity.

If the proximal fallopian tube is obstructed, the fallopian tube is not displayed. If there is no obstruction or spasm at the proximal end, it can show the shape and diameter of the fallopian tube and the umbrella end of the fallopian tube. Selective salpingography has minor damage, and it can make a correct diagnosis of tubal obstruction and has a specific dredging effect on mild tubal block.

Do all patients have to do salpingography during infertility examination?

Of course, this is negative! Generally, before salpingography, the woman's ovarian function should be evaluated, ovulation should be monitored, and the man's semen should be routinely analyzed. If there are no problems above, the doctor will recommend that the patient undergo salpingography.

How to choose the appropriate treatment plan according to the results?

1. Fallopian tube patency: the woman's ovarian function is normal, ovulation is regular, and the man's semen is normal. In this case, relax and adjust your mind. Go home and have children. If the years of infertility are very long, artificial insemination can be considered to help pregnancy.

2. Fallopian tube obstruction: if you are still young, the ovarian function is perfect, and the man's semen test is within the normal range, you can consider the herbal medicine Fuyan Pill, which can eliminate symptoms and improve the chance of natural pregnancy. People can try pregnancy after treatment. If you are not pregnant for more than six months, it is recommended to use assisted reproductive technology for IVF treatment.

Suppose the ovarian reserve function decreases or is combined with other infertility causes such as endometriosis, and the man is seriously deficient and weak. In that case, the woman can choose the Fuyan pill for treatment, and the man can choose the Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill for treatment. If the patient is too old and the number of years of infertility is too long, you can directly select IVF technology to help pregnancy.

3. Hydrosalpinx: in principle, the treatment scheme is the same as fallopian tube obstruction. But be sure to dispose of the accumulated water before IVF transplantation. Fuyan pill, a herbal medicine, has the same effect on the treatment of hydrosalpinx.

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