“Have you ever heard of “No-Win, No-Pay” Contingency Fee?”
• 1. Do you get emails offering to help you and ask for ‘Money’ upfront?” We get fifty daily.
• 2. In law, especially negligence & some contracts, we use “Contingency Fee Agreements”. No-Win, No-Pay. The secret is that lawyers can calculate which are winners & losers.
• There is one other type. “Borderline-cases”. They want 100% ‘sure-things’, but will take 20% of the “maybe” cases. Why? The court costs are low, ($100s), and the return can be in the $1,000s.”
• 3. “I was talking to my 15-year old, Mike.”
• 4. “What’s the most, highest fee you ever made on a Contingent Fee Agreement?”
• 5. “That’s privileged information, but over $100K. It was tough, and took years of work, but No-Pay, No-Win turned out to be a “winner” in the end.”
• 6. “I hate to copy your favorite clichés, but “So-what? Who-cares? And, WIIFM? (What’s-in-it-for-me?)”
• 7. “Two points: first, do NOT do business with people & companies that take NO risk, and get paid upfront even if you get Nada-Nothing-Zip. Got it Mike?”
• 8. “Sure, and the second point?”
• 9. “I just learn something and tested it “on-consignment”, without paying first, and it really is weird.
Weird, yet it works, is easy to learn and use, and fast working.”
• 10. “Pop, what-do-you-mean by F-a-s-t. Fast how?”
• 11. “Ok kid, I depend on Left-Brain thinking 95% of the day. You know what that means?”
• 12. “Yup, left-brain is the area that uses modern stuff like logic, reason, analysis, not believing because of the “titles” of people. Being practical & verifying & doing Thought Experiments, right Pop?”
• 13. “On-the-money. The thinking that runs our economy, and uses Math, Science, Technology& Engineering, got it?”
• 14. “Does that means Right-Brain thinking is useless and is only Emotion?”
• 15. “No, in fact what you are going to learn from me now is 95% Right-Brain. That means it involves Pattern-Recognition, Feelings, Spatial relationships, and creativity.”
• 16. “Does that include Imagination and mental-movies?”
• 17. “Sure thing. It’s Yoga, & is based on ideas of “Intuition” meaning not coming from your five-senses. Includes Insights, Inspiration and something called “Epiphany”.”
• 18. “I’ll google Epiphany, but it probably means some-kind of magic, unscientific way. Now tell me what My benefits are from this new Yoga thing you are working on.”
• 19. “If you want to learn it, the benefits of these 2- Tongue Movements are opening up the power of your Intention. It is claims to help you realize your GOALS fast-and-easy.”
• 20. “Does it have a Name, like I call you Pop?”
• 21. “No, but it’s been around for a couple thousand years. You always ask me if it is Normal. Answer is No.
Because it’s personal & cannot be measured. Wanna forget it?”
• 22. “Makes it more interesting. I know it works or you would give it to me, but what is it really good for?”
• 23. “Wait. I’m Not saying using this Tongue Exercise solves all your problems. It just seems to make coincidental stuff seem to happen In-Your-Favor.”
• 24. “Sounds like another weird Hindu thing. I like “crazy”. You’re saying it helps, but not to quit using your left-brain to improve my life, right Pop.”
• 25. “Exactamundo, Mike.”
• 26. “Hit me with the steps. You said it was easy-to-learn and fast-to-kick-in, right?”
• 27. “Baby-Easy. First you have to do a little Stress-Busting. You know, Diaphragmatic-Breathing for 90-seconds. INHALE deeply and on EXHALING, chant aloud,
Four-times the word, Hum-m. Three more breaths, so a total of 16 exhales of the word, Hum-ms.”
• 28. “I know Pop, I use the deep breathing all-the-time. Before tests, interviews, even meeting new people. I relaxes me, and helps me do do my best.”
• 29.”Ok, the first step to the Tongue Exercise. Sit-down, and feet flat on the floor. Listen closely, no questions, just doing until it becomes natural and a simple habit.
• With your mouth closed, Raise the TIP of your Tongue to ‘behind’ your teeth. Keep your tongue’s tip on the front part of your upper-palette. Can you do that easily?”
• 30. “Yeah, I got that part. Should I shut up and keep it there?”
• 31. “There are 2 exercises, this is the first one, positioning the tongue just behind the upper teeth. That creates your Intention for personal safety, security & protection.
• 31. “Do you believe that Pop?”
• 32. “Your present beliefs are to NOT to accept this exercise. If you start off NOT having an open mind, you rig the test to guaranteed failure. Just do it, and IF it works, then use it. Can you give it a fair test?”
• 32. “Sure, now what?”
• 33. “Keep your tongue up toward the front of your mouth. Now DayDream, imagine something you desire.
• Mentally visualize acing an exam, like the SATs or winning a scholarship. You can imagine getting a date with beautiful girl, got it? Do it simultaneously. Tongue up, and mental-movie.”
• 34. “Eyes open or closed?”
• 35. “Whatever is easiest for you, Mike.”
• 36. “How long?”
• 37. “Short – 30-seconds. Then stop by dropping your tongue. Wait 10-seconds and repeat again. Total one-minute. That’s all there is. Now you be the judge & jury.
• 38. “What’s the second Tongue Exercise?”
• 39. “Everything exactly the same, but your Tongue is Raised and the Tip remains further back on-the-Roof of your upper palette. Try it now, it’s easy and take about a minute.”
• 40. “Do I chose one or the other or do both for the 7-days?”
• 41. “Both is better, it only takes an extra couple of minutes. The first is for personal protection & success. Second is to activate your RAS (Reticular Activating System) brain site. It attracts you to easily attain you
• 42. “I know, no more questions, just experiment with the
Steps, right?”
• 43. “See me at the end of 7-days, and then we talk, Ok?”
• 44. “Pop, no pep talk about how it changed the lives of people who use it regularly?”
• 45. “Mike, I think it is a serious strategy. It cost nothing to test it. And if it works, use it. If not..”
See ya,
Copyright © 2013, Bernard Wechsler

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