If you define your goals and then filter out the 5 most important goals, you can develop your vision.

To develop visions and to define the goals one way how you wish to implement your vision, is one thing. Crucial is whether you have the courage to make decisions and changes can take place.
Remember always that you are responsible for your life, so only you can take the appropriate decisions. Decisions are necessary if you want to move forward. Because if you stay where you are now, you will achieve no other results!

In other words, if you're not satisfied with your reality, you have to change something. This may mean separating yourself from certain life circumstances:

- From a job that you does no longer satisfy you, but rather make you sick.
- From your job if it is not the purpose of your current life.
- From a job that is holding you in your comfort zone.

- From a relationship/ marriage that has been stagnating for years, and rather make you sick.
- From a relationship/ marriage where you and your spouse became strangers and cannot communicate anymore.
- From a relationship/marriage that does not allow simultaneous growth. If your partner /spouse wants you to stay the person he / she has known or married, you cannot grow.

- From life circumstances that keep you where are and you cannot grow.
- From friends who just accept you as you were and will not accept you otherwise.
- From parents who live nearby and cannot let you go or become an adult.
- From people who think only negative.

If you want different results, you cannot avoid making decisions that could change your life. When do you want to start? If not now, when?

Goals and visions must be lived; otherwise you'll never reach them.

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As a success & business coach Angela loves to support people in the personal and business growth. She sutdied
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