The best way of learning a foreign language is to spend your summer holiday in the country in which people speak this kind of language. Once upon a time, I studied the Italian language in Italy, and I also watched a film related to the Italian Aesthetic. In Italy, I had a course which belongs to a kind of film study, and I had my language course within 4 weeks in my summer holiday. At that time we had our language courses in Rome city where we have had a good time through watching some real good Italian films. Through the Italian films, we learn the film vernacular in a classroom. The course mainly showed us with the Italian art as well as the Italian architecture. We saw many sites which ware transformed into other forms, so we can know more about the real interactions between the different art forms. With the films we ware watching, the course also provided us with a lecture as well as a discussion, so we can change different ideas with other persons.

Nowadays learning a foreign language becomes more and more important for the modern people, not only because they are willing to learn other cultures to enhance their views, but also because that they need to learn another languages to get more opportunities of their career as well as their attending international communications. So learning a foreign language becomes more and more important so that different people choose different language to learn. For example, as the developing of the international communication, different languages play different important roles in the world. For example, although Hindi is a kind of small language which is not spoken by many people in the world, it is now learned by more and more language learners, this is because that Hindi is the official language of the Indian countries, and there are more and more cooperation appearing between the Indian countries as well as other foreign countries. So in order to adjust to the marketing of the world well, people are willing to become a language talent who can master enough language skills to deal with more important tasks. However, Hindi is hard to learn for many beginners, so at this time, they need a good learning tool to give them a help. Rosetta Stone Hindi is a kind of language learning software which is one of the intelligent creatures of the world, with this kind of software, you can no longer make use of other learning tools, because it packs all the fundamental information into a simple package, so you can find out any learning functions to have a language practice.

Generally speaking, we need different language methods to learn different languages, because different languages are suitable for different learning groups. If you are learning Italian, it is very necessary for you to spend your summer holiday in Italy. But if you want to master more language knowledge, it is very necessary for you to own a live vocabulary that is Rosetta Stone Italian.

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