Although most men are strong on the surface, their average life expectancy is 5-10 years shorter than women. At different ages, men have various health weaknesses.

Which parts of men are most vulnerable in different age groups?

1. Prostatitis is easy to appear in 20 years old
The prostate is a unique gonadal organ for men. Men in their 20s are vulnerable to prostatitis, especially chronic prostatitis. Patients can have long-term recurrent pelvic pain, which will last more than three months, often accompanied by frequent urination, urgency, and weak urination.

The reason for suffering from chronic prostatitis is mainly related to drinking too little water and holding urine. The lack of water in the body will increase urine concentration, thus stimulating the prostate and inducing prostate infection. Hold urine will make the bladder overfilled, oppress the prostate, leading to urine reflux, and eventually cause prostatitis.

Also, excessive alcohol, staying up late, sitting for a long time, irregular sex life, and a spicy diet can lead to prostate disease.

Men of all ages can have chronic prostatitis. And it can cause harm to men, so active treatment is essential. Oral antibiotics are primary bacterial prostatitis treatment, and sensitive drugs are selected. The course of treatment is 4-6 weeks. During this period, evaluate the curative effect periodically.

Since most patients have non-bacterial prostatitis, traditional Chinese medicine treatment, such as Diuretic and Anti-inflammatory Pill, will be more safe and effective than antibiotics.

In addition to drug treatment, stop smoking and alcohol in daily life, control weight actively, and form the habit of active drinking water. Sit less and move more. Do more jumping, such as skipping rope.

2. Fatty liver is easy to appear in 30 years old

With the improvement of living standards, the incidence rate of fatty liver has ranked first in liver diseases. Men have various social activities in their 30 years old, coupled with the uncontrolled diet to increase waist circumference and cause fatty liver. The onset of fatty liver is insidious, and there are no apparent symptoms in the early stage. However, it can cause occult pain, nausea and vomiting and loss of appetite, and even develop into fatty liver cirrhosis or liver tumor when it grows to a certain extent.

Alcoholism and a high-fat diet are the main factors leading to fatty liver. People who drink more than 80-160 grams of alcohol a day have a 25 times higher risk of alcoholic fatty liver disease. A high-calorie diet, coupled with a lack of exercise, can make a lot of fat around the liver, leading to fatty liver. It is necessary to follow a high-quality diet with low-fat to eliminate excess fat in your body. Do not abuse drugs. Be careful of the side effects of drugs.

3. Lung cancer is easy to appear in 40 years old

The incidence rate of lung cancer is increasing year by year and tends to be younger. Smoking and family history are the leading causes. Smoking is associated with 80% of male lung tumors. People with a family history of lung cancer have a double risk of lung cancer. Early lung tumors have no apparent symptoms. The only manifestation is a dry cough or low fever, but it is easy to ignore. Low-dose spiral CT should be performed once a year for people with chronic expectoration, cough, dyspnea, chronic respiratory diseases, and occupational exposure for more than 15 years. And they should stop smoking and drinking. Reduce go out in a haze.


According to statistics, patients with prostatitis accounted for 25% -30% of male patients. Men with prostatitis in their 20s are generally related to excessive masturbation. Generally, the incidence rate of men aged 30 to 40 is relatively high. Over the age of 50, benign prostatic hyperplasia is the primary type.

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