Parenting involves raising happy children and it requires a lot of attention and time as well. It’s not that easy of a process most especially if you know that there is really no trade secret to go after. But you can always refer to other tips and guidelines online in order to raise happy children.

1. Establish parenting first and foremost. Remember to be a good parent first and being a friend becomes secondary. Don’t worry because your kids would form friends on their own. That’s why they need guidance from you and they also have to know their limitations. 2. Listen to your kids. Another way to raise happy children is to listen to them. Set them aside and listen attentively and take them seriously. When you take the time to listen to them, it signifies your interest and desire in what they got to say and their young opinions. 3. Spend some quality time with them.

What your kids want the most is your attention. You may notice that sometimes some children exhibit bad behavior. This is actually one way of getting your attention. That’s why it’s important to do certain stuff together like playing, reading, visiting family and neighbors and even just taking a walk in the park.

4. Be showy and demonstrative of your love and care. Don’t be shy of showering them with your overflowing hugs and kisses even in public. (Since you can’t do this when they’re grown ups and children do grow up fast.) Let them know that you love them every day and your actions validate that.

5. Do not criticize the child but on his actions and behavior. Don’t tell them that they’re bad, but rather clarify to them that what they did was not appropriate or acceptable. Make use of clear and succinct language when talking to them to distinguish the good from bad, and the right from wrong.

And most of all, when you want to raise happy children, help them to learn from their own mistakes. 6. Make your kids feel safe and protected. Show them that as a parent, you are there to secure and safeguard their well being. Comfort and reassure them as well whenever they feel afraid and unsure.

7. Be conscious of what they absorb. As much as possible, try to monitor what your children are watching on TV, radios, and the Internet for they can be influenced rapidly since they absorb facts and infos fast. 8. Compliment your children also. Happy children thrive on sincere compliments. Whenever they behave well or if they learned something new, praise them and tell them that you’re so proud of them.

9. Lead by example—be a greater influence. Epitomize and demonstrate proper behavior and good conduct (most especially in public), kind behavior towards other people and strength of will. 10. And also bringing up happy children means getting involved when it comes to their schooling. Assist them in their homework and ask them what they learned that day.

Supporting and fostering them to be good students and letting them deal with their school life will develop their self esteem.

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