No matter what you're looking for in this world, or in this lifetime, chances are that the underlying reason you're looking for it is so you can be happier than you are now. Think about it for a second; you certainly don't want more money and better health so you can be miserable. Likewise, if you want a great relationship, or some other kind of success, it isn't so your life will be completely ruined - it's so you can be happier than you are now. It is only natural to want to live, learn, grow, and be happy. Basically, if we aren't trying to stay alive, we're usually trying to be happy.

But why does it seem to be so difficult to be happy? Why do so many people suffer? Why are so many people sick, in debt, and/or in bad or un-fulfilling relationships and situations in their lives? The answer is simple: They aren't following the "rules." In order to be happy, you have to do certain things - "happy things," you might say. If you are unhappy in your current life, you will not be able to keep your life exactly the way it is and ADD happiness to the mix. Happiness isn't a "thing" that's missing from your life - your life is causing you to be and feel something other than what you call. "Happy." Below are "5-Golden Rules of Happiness;" they aren't always easy to follow, but they are very simple.

5-Golden Rules for Being Happy:

1. "Don't worry; be happy." "Don't sweat the small stuff," don't sweat the big stuff, don't sweat the stuff you can't control, and don't sweat the stuff you can control. In other words, don't worry about anything.

2. Judge not. Don't label, judge, or criticize anything or anyone; acceptance and allowance is the key to a happy, stress-free life. This may sound difficult - or even crazy - but, trust me; this is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself.

3. Think about others more than you think about yourself or your own problems. It is impossible to be unhappy unless you are thinking about yourself. Find someone to help; and stop spending so much time thinking about "You."

4. Let Go! It is our attachment to things, people, situations, conditions, judgments, and our own fears and limiting beliefs that causes suffering. Nothing is permanent; practice non-attachment and release. Practice forgiveness along with non-judgment; you'll be glad you did.

5. Think happy thoughts. Happiness is a feeling; and, feelings are caused by thoughts. You can't be happy unless you choose to be; and choosing happiness simply means choosing happy thoughts.

Because so much of the average person's life is spent in a kind of daze, stupor, or otherwise "unconscious" state - mindlessly doing the same things they did yesterday and the day before - these "rules" aren't always easy to follow. But happiness is a gift you must wake-up and claim if you truly want it. It is very simple; but it definitely takes effort. Of course, it is definitely worth the effort it takes to keep your mind focused on positive outcomes and happier thoughts. Your only other option is to remain in a miserable, unfulfilled, unhealthy, unhappy, or depressed, state. So what will your choice be? Before you choose your next thought, just remember: Your happiness depends on it!

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