Handling customer complaints can be a very challenging responsibility. After all, you’re not going to hear anything pleasant from your clients anytime soon. And you’ll probably have to endure everything from mild ranting to full blown swearing tantrums.

However, complaints are a part of business and knowing how to deal with them will only serve to make your business stronger. If you want to learn the secrets of handling customer complaints better, follow these tips:

1) Recognize complaints as opportunities for growth.

Sure, it’s hard to consider being shouted at as a positive thing; but it is sometimes necessary. Of course, customers won’t always raise their voices, but the way they deliver their complaint isn’t always the point. It is what they are saying that needs to register in your head.

If you’re too sensitive, you’ll never be able to survive running a business at all. Instead of taking the objections personally, think of them as ways you can improve on your products or your service.

2) Record the nature of the complaint.

Don’t let any complaint go through one ear and out in another. Handling customer complaints means taking them down and recording them for future reference.

Doing this also shows the customers that you acknowledge what they have to say and that you will definitely do something about it, or at least raise it for a discussion.

3) Follow-up on the issue.

By now, you should have already resolved or have done something about the problem. However, that is not where your service ends.

Handling customer complaints doesn’t stop when you’ve done something about the issue. You still have to communicate with the complainant to find out whether he or she is satisfied with the final outcome or not.

Not a lot of businesses bother to do this, but let me tell you just how appreciated these gestures are. Following up makes the customers feel like they’re really being taken care of.

You might not think that you (or your employees) need to learn the details of handling customer complaints. What you don’t realize is that the way you deal with these matters also has an incredible impact on your company.

Handling customer complaints like a pro will reflect very well on the kind of person you are and the kind of company you have. On the other hand, dealing with customer objections like they don’t really matter will also reveal to others just how you do business.

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