Hair removal methods are, fortunately, plenty, but what makes a method efficient? Is it the ease with which you can perform it at home? Is it the time span you can forget about hair removal? Is it the level of pain experienced in the process? We say you cannot simply pick a single coordinate. There is a mix of multiple variables that make a hair removal method truly efficient. However, is hair removal truly necessary? Although many claim nowadays that it is only a form of oppression manifested towards women, many women choose for themselves, not pressured by anybody, to remove the hairy bits on their bodies. And recently, males have begun to act in the same way due to comfort-related reasons. As a result, yes, it is truly necessary to find the most appropriate and efficient hair removal method. However, noticeable techniques performed at clinics like this laser hair removal Toronto seem to be highly appreciated by both men and women since they give them the opportunity of living a joyful and free life. Below are some of the most popular hair removal methods.

1. Shaving – the easiest (and least efficient) hair removal method

Shaving might be a method widely used by men, but women also choose it as their go-to hair removal technique. It’s the fastest and easiest amongst them all, but needless to say, it’s quite inefficient. Performed with a simple razor, it cuts the hair follicles from the surface, the hair growing back in a matter of days, sometimes a single day. It rarely leaves a smooth skin afterwards, and most people choosing it as their go-to method, experience accidental cuts. Especially when used for the pubic area, it leads to ingrown hairs, which are fairly uncomfortable, oftentimes painful. As a result, specialists do not recommend it as a long-term depilatory method. Also, the quality varies depending on the razor’s age and quality. For a smoother skin and fewer cuts, it’s advisable to use new razors. Clumsy women should always use special razors, with lubricates bands and a mobile head, for a better shaving experience.

2. Plucking – a more efficient depilatory method (for small areas)

Plucking or tweezing, as it is also known in diverse English-speaking countries is a more efficient depilatory method. But only for relatively small areas. However, even so, plucking can be quite a painful experience, and because of this, it is used only when reshaping the eyebrows, or removing the upper lip hair, if the person has few hair follicles in this particular spot.

3. Depilatory creams – A painless hair removal method

But needless to say, quite an inefficient one since only the shaft of the hair follicle is removed. These creams can be found prescription free in drugstores, and vary from brand to brand. Make sure to read carefully their composition and avoid one if you know that you are allergic to one of the ingredients. Also, make sure to follow the instructions. If left for longer than advised, you can suffer from burns, because their composition is a chemical one. Never use a depilatory cream on other areas than those for which it was designed (for instance, pubic hair removal cream on your face). And make sure to always test these creams on small areas, if you have a history of allergic reactions. Worth noticing is the fact that the hair will grow back in a matter of days, just like in shaving’s case.

4. Hot waxing – a hot mess of a hair removal method

Yes, hot waxing might be efficient. You might get rid of the unwanted hair for up to three weeks. But, and this is a big “but”, it will be painful, and hot, and it might leave you with some burns, if you are not careful. Waxing cannot be used by those whose skincare routine includes diverse creams with Retin-A in their composition. If you ignore this precaution, you might get yourself some pulled skin, and this is never an ideal situation. Although it is efficient for longer intervals, this method is avoided by the vast majority of women, because of the pain resulted in the process.

5. The almighty laser hair removal method

Laser hair removal seems to be the celebrity in the matter for quite some time. Using a light-based technology, this method removes hair permanently, in a pain-free process. When the hairs on your body absorb the laser light, they are destroyed by it, without damaging the skin. This results in a perfectly smooth skin that will remain so for a very long period. Also, this technique has collateral benefits, as many claim that laser hair removal techniques have rejuvenating properties, such as firming it and creating a smooth, wrinkle-free surface. Also, former patients have reported a noticeable improvement in their veins, skin texture and tone, as a collateral, unexpected benefit of hair laser hair removal methods. Although at the first glance, this method is more expensive than others are, on long-term perspectives, it’s considerably cheaper than others. Because the effects last for an incredibly long interval, repeating it is not necessary. Women spend hundreds of dollars yearly on depilatory methods, but with laser hair removal, this aspect changes considerably. However, make sure to pick a more advanced method since cheaper sessions are a sign of poor quality equipment. This will cause the interventions to be less efficient, and the process will require more sessions, which will make it more expensive overall. Qualitative services you will find at reliable clinics. Make sure to search for those. Worth noticing is the fact that different areas require different numbers of sessions, depending on the hair’s properties. For instance, facial hair will be removed in fewer sessions than leg hair. Discuss with the specialists at the clinic you pick and ask them to evaluate the number of necessary sessions for your particular case, because there is no exact numbers of sessions one should follow.

Make sure to analyse all the hair removal methods available out there and see which one is the most appropriate for your particular case. However, laser hair removal methods are by far the most efficient of those available currently.

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