CBD, otherwise known as Cannabidiol,has brought so much controversy and confusion over the past years and the confusion is only increasing ever since the new legal status has been implicated. But why is this drug causing so much speculation? Does it really cure any ailment, or is it just another crazed media scam?

In more recent years, more and more speculation is surrounding the effects of CBD oil and the media seems to claim that the healing properties in CBD oil can cure just about any ailment from minor illnesses, to terminal conditions. While it seems undeniable, according to certain studies, that CBD can react with the patient's mind and body to cause a therapeutic effect, aiding as pain relief and also helping to reduce inflammation. However, the side effects of using CBD oil have not been exposed and remain somewhat unknown for the most.

So, what is CBD?

CBD one of more than 113 known chemical compounds that can be found in cannabis and hemp plants and it is extracted from the hemp plant by a process that uses a carrier oil such as coconut oil or olive oil to dilute the CBD from the fibers of the plant.

According to extensive research, CBD oil really does have some health benefits; it can alleviate anxiety and depression as a result of its calming effects on both the patient's body and brain. Even though this may be what CBD oil is most well known for, it can also act as a potent anti-inflammatory and it may be referred to as the new miracle drug because more recent studies show that the oil offers other health benefits that can help to ease seizures for patients with epilepsy and it has made waves regarding its ability to fight of malignant cancer cells; helping to treat cancer with far less side effects as opposed to commercial radiation cancer treatments.

Separating fact from fiction

The medicinal properties of CBD oil have fast become a media-fueled confusion, as some believe it can cure just about any health ailment, while others believe it is simply a method of “getting high” and serves no purpose as a medicine. This concerning aspect has been disregarded by studies that prove CBD oil, unlike THC that can also be found in the cannabis plant, is completely unable to cause a “high” or hallucinations for the user, whether it is consumed through edibles or smoked. THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, it the chemical psychoactive component found in the cannabis plant that is responsible for the famous high the plant can create.

Even though CBD oil is quite safe to use and it cannot create a disorientating high, it can still cause some side effects. Most concerningly, CBD oil can cause unpleasant reactions if used along with some over the counter medications and some prescription medications such as antidepressants. Therefore, despite popular belief that the apparent miracle drug can do absolutely no harm, it can cause some mild and unpleasant reactions.

While many believe that CBD oil is highly addictive, research proves that it is not addictive despite its ability to increase dopamine levels in the brain, aiding as an antidepressant and causing the patient to feel happier and calmer. Despite the media fueling the belief that CBD aids as an antipsychotic, anti-inflammatory and anti-pain miracle medicine, there is a significantly low amount of research to actually back these claims realistically. Even though CBD has proved somewhat capable of being a fantastic new drug, there is no research to conclude how much should be used and how often and this unfortunate fact would greatly impact the results from patient to patient.

Why is CBD such a popular medicine?

Realistically, CBD has been established in its own right, fast becoming the hottest topic in modern medicine. Despite the confusion and lack of significant studies, it could be decided that it is fast becoming a commonly opted for “cure-all” medicine because it is natural and healthier than most commercial medicines and their harsher side effects. For this undeniable fact, CBD oil is most likely here to stay.

Ever since the legal boundaries surrounding the use of CBD oil have been removed, purchasing the oil has become a surprisingly easy task and you can even buy edibles containing the oil online and have it delivered straight to your door. While dispensaries are emerging everywhere, the controversy and questions regarding whether or not this oil is actually a new miracle or not remains.

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